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Learn Amazing Myth Busting Truth About Hair

You hear a lot about how to care for hair. This is usually myths, which have been overtaken by science, in fact. Do you know how to distinguish true from false? Take the test!

True or False? The truth about hair.

You hear a lot about haircare products. This is usually myths, which have been overtaken by science, in fact. Do you know how to distinguish true from false? Take the test!

Myth 1: People who have dandruff don't wash their hair often enough. True/false?

Answer: False.
Your scalp constantly sheds dead cells, which is completely normal. If the scalp is healthy, this cell renewal is invisible to the naked eye. Problems only occur if the microscopic mold "Malassezia", which is part of the scalp's ordinary flora, becomes hyperactive. It then produces hundreds, or even thousands of skin cells, commonly called "dandruff". And don't feel bad: more than half the population faces this at one time or another. Happily, special products exist that strengthen your scalp and make the problem disappear.

Myth 2: Your hair will grow faster if you get it cut regularly. True/false?

Answer: False.
Sorry to those of you who would like it to be true, but hair is not the same as lawn. Your armpit hair may come back quicker if you shave them frequently but that won't make your scalp do the same. You hair grows from within and you can only strengthen this growth from within. Factors such as diet, stress and hormones may influence hair growth rate. If a diet and a healthy lifestyle do not give the expected results, you can take nutritional supplements that stimulate hair growth. Naturally, your hair will look healthier and more voluminous if you get it trimmed from time to time. Finally, if you are looking for optimal protection against external attacks, you can apply moisturizing products that leave a smooth film on dry tips.


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Myth 3: If you have greasy hair, you should use less shampoo. True/false?

Answer: True.
If your hair becomes greasy quickly, it is best to wash it regularly with a shampoo especially for greasy hair. The skill lies in how much: a dime-sized amount is enough, even for long hair. Only apply shampoo to the scalp. It is useless to work it in to your whole head of hair: the amount that will flow through as it rinses is enough to clean it. The right amount of shampoo is valid valid for all hair types. Also, if you have greasy hair, it tends to get dirty fast and can be a nightmare to travel to dusty places. 

Myth 4: If you brush your hair 100 times every day, it will shine. True/false?

Answer: False.
Spare yourself this chore. Vigorous brushing or combing damages the hair's protective layer. It can then become porous and breaks easily On top of that, this brushing stimulates your scalp too much and makes your hair greasier. So don't brush or comb your hair more than necessary, and certainly not just after washing. Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair. 

Myth 5: If you pull one hair out, two grow in. True/false?

Answer: False.
If it were true, baldness would have disappeared a long time ago because men who are losing their hair would spend their time pulling them out. Another false myth: "Cut your hair at the full moon". As romantic as that would seem, you won't get a fuller head of hair by doing that. Or "You can go gray overnight". Nonsense, because how hair goes white is determined by genes. And egg? Does it really constitute an excellent natural cure for hair? Well, no: at body temperature, it hardens and coagulates, which makes it harder to remove.

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