These 5 Tips Will Help Your Hair Colour Outlast Anyone Else’s.

These 5 Tips Will Help Your Hair Colour Outlast Anyone Else’s.

When you spend a bundle of money getting your hair coloured, you would want it to look as good as new for as long as it possibly can.

Red, burgundy, blonde, brown, copper; life’s exciting when you’re deciding what hair highlights you’d like to sport. However, pretty soon, your hair colour fades and with it, so does your enthusiasm. Good news is, you can prevent that from happening with these 5 tips to make your hair colour last longer:

    1. USE SHAMPOOS THAT ARE MADE FOR COLOURED HAIR: While washing your coloured hair, make sure you use colour-protect shampoos as they help in making the colour last longer and make your hair look healthier.
    2. DEEP CONDITION AS MUCH AS YOU CAN: Make sure to condition your hair with a colour-protect conditioner every time you shampoo. Conditioning makes your hair look more evenly coloured and shinier. While conditioning, never forget the tips, they require conditioning the most as they are prone to split ends which make hair look damaged and dirty.
    3. these-5-tips-will-help-your-hair-1.jpg
    4. HOT OIL TREATMENT: Make hot oil treatments a weekly ritual. These will give your coloured hair a real shine. Apply oil to clean, dry hair and apply heat to it using a hot towel. After heating the oil, let it cool down to room temperature and then rinse it with cool water.these-5-tips-will-help-your-hair-2.jpg
    5. PROTECT IT FROM HEAT: Coloured hair is more prone to damage and dryness, so avoid using blow dryers as much as possible. Let it dry naturally whenever you can, but if you have to use a blow dryer or a straightener, apply a heat protection styling product.
    6. TURN THE TEMERATURE DOWN: Super-hot showers leech out colour fast. Showering with cold or luke warm water helps retain your colour for a far longer time.

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So, don’t hesitate to colour your tresses, but just be sure of the colour you want. That’s because, with these tips you would be able to retain your hair color and look stunning on your D-Day. Also, check out 10 indian bridal hairstyles that are just perfect for your D-day here. 

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