Take A Bow With These Hairstyles

2 Cute DIY Bow Hairstyles - Learn How to Make Half Up Hair Bow & Hair Bow Bun

Bows have always been a part of every little girl’s school life. But this doesn’t mean that they’re any less relevant when you grow older.

Bow Hairstyles

Hair bow and pigtails always went hand in hand, especially in our younger days. But just because they’re all girly and cutesie doesn’t mean they’re any less sensational!

A bow hairstyle, if done well, exudes a fresh and flirty vibe. And you don’t even need any ribbons or clip-ons. You can craft a bow out of your very own hair.

Here are two kinds of bow hairstyles:

1. Bow Bun:

  1. Your bow can be on top or on the side of your head – depending on this, brush your hair back into a ponytail, but do not pull all of it through the band.
  2. Use ¾ of the hair to make a loop and leave a long end loose.
  3. You could also create a bow on either side of your head by creating a loop and following these instructions:

    Tuck the loose end into the elastic to form the middle of the bow. This will create a loose bun with the hair ends securely fastened underneath the hair tie.

  4. Aloop that’s too loose will leave the sides long and uncontrolled.
  5. Rub a coin-sized dab of gel in your palms and rub them together to form the bow to help with sculpting and shaping it. Do not use more gel.
  6. Divide the looped hairinto two equal parts, one side at a time, to form the sides of the bow.
  7. Clip one loop to the side, flatten out the other against your head. Insert a bobby pin going from top to bottom at the base of the loop and place another bobby pin going from bottom to top. Repeat with the other loop.
  8. Create the bow's middle part by pulling the loose strand of hair in front of the bow, back over, and through the middle of your bow sections.
  9. Tuck the strands into the hair tie and keep in place with a little hairspray.
  10. Connect the strand and hair with a few pins.
  11. Tease out the bow with your fingers.
  12. Prepare for some head-turning attention.
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2. Half Up Hair Bow

  1. Take a small section of hair from each side of your headand tie together in a half ponytail in the centre of your head – not pulling the ends through – to make a loop.
  2. Make two smaller loops from the loop by pulling the loop in opposite direction with your fingers. Clip one aside.
  3. Spread out the loop and flatten against your head into a bow shape.  Insert one bobby pin going from top to bottom and one going from bottom to top. 
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Wrap the remaining ends of the ponytail around the elastic to hide it and pin to secure.
  6. Now put on that party dress and have a blast!

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