Stay Cool At The Gym With These Trendy Gym Hairstyles

5 Stylish Gym Workout Hairstyles To Stay Cool

The gym is one place where you could care less about how you look. But what if we told you that looking your best at the gym boosts your morale and consequently helps make your workout better! Worried about what you could possibly do with your hair before a workout? We have some ideas for you.

Imagine a situation where you’re trying your best to lift a 25 Kg weight off the ground and a flyaway strand enters your eye. It’s not the worst situation you have been in, but I can bet its pretty irritating and distracting. We want you to achieve that summer bod as soon as possible and to help you with that, we have listed the trendiest hairstyles for the gym. These will not only help you avoid the distraction, but will also give you a sexy workout hairstyle every day.

5 Stylish Hairstyles For Gym Workout:

1. The Upside-Down Braid

The Upside-Down Braid


  1. Tilt your head forward
  2. Start braiding your hair from the bottom instead of starting from the top
  3. Work that braid all the way to the top of your head
  4. Tie the ends of your hair into a high but tight pony

This gym hairstyles will not only optimise your workout, it will make you feel sexy before the workout even begins!

2. The Side Braid:

The Side Braid


  1. Push all your hair to one side of your head
  2. Start braiding from the hairline
  3. Continue braiding all the way to the end of your hair
  4. Make sure the braid is swept to one side
  5. Tie the end tightly with a rubber band

Voila! Another workout hairstyles for long hair you can easily style in minutes.

3. Sky High Top Knot:

The Open Hair Barrette


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  1. Round up all your hair in a pony right on the top of your head
  2. Tie it in a tight bun making sure to take in each and every strand of your hair
  3. If you have any flyaways, pin them in place
  4. Make sure you don’t use too many pins as they tend to poke while you do crunches or any other activity involving the head resting on the ground

Could there BE anything easier and more functional than this hairstyle?

4. Elementary Bun With Headband:

Elementary Bun With Headband


  1. Tie your hair in a bun, but make sure the bun is placed at the curve of your neck and not directly at the back of your head like a normal bun
  2. Secure the bun with a pin if you feel it’s a little loose
  3. You’ll need a broad headband which will keep all your hair in place, and provide you relief from the sweat that would be otherwise sliding down your forehead
  4. You can keep changing your headband or change the bun to a high pony to create a new look!

This gym hairstyles for short hair is perfect if you have a meeting to rush to right after your work out.

5. The Braided Angel:

The Braided Angel


  1. Start by parting your hair from the centre
  2. Make a French braid using a thick strand of hair on the right side of your temple and take it behind your ear
  3. Tie the braid tightly and repeat the same on the other side of your head
  4. After you have tied 2 braids, both going behind your ears, take hold of the ends of these braids and with the help of an elastic, tie the ends together in a tight half pony.
  5. You can now remove the elastic you used to tie the braid ends

Simple and pretty, isn’t it?

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