Sock Bun

DIY Sock Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Create a sock bun hairstyle in 3 simple steps.

These girls love challenging each other! This time Rochelle went a step ahead to create curiosity and challenged Archana to dig into her closet and create a hairstyle with the first thing she gets her hands on. And guess what did Archana find? A Sock! Yes. So, in this episode Archana will create the classic sock bun look. Watch the video to find out how did the closet challenge turn out!

How To Make A Sock Bun:

Step 1: First, tie your hair up in a nice pony tail. Make sure that it is tight. Now bring your pony tail to the front and brush it out.

Step 2: Cut the sealed end of the sock to make sure that you can roll it and put it through the pony tail. Now place that sock at the end of your pony tail, spread the hair out and start to gently roll up. Just start to roll up the hair, towards your head.


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Step 3: Make sure it is tight, nicely held; secure it using bobby pins and u-pins. These pins will also help to tidy up your bun if it has turned untidy while rolling.

If you are looking for something trendier than a sock bun, check out this easy to create braided bun hairstyle video tutorial.

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