Smart Summer Hair Care Unveiled

Smart Summer Hair Care Unveiled

Who doesn’t want beautiful and bouncy summer hair? With our simple hair care tips and tricks you can make your hair dance to your tunes.

The sun’s heat degrades the protective protein in hair, thus oxidizing colour to a lifeless hue, wiping out shine, draining it of moisture and leaving your beloved locks brittle. What’s more, untameable frizz and oily scalp make it impossible for women to wear their hair the way they like in the hot summer months. But all this can be avoided if you follow some simple natural hair care tips.

Take a style break: The humidity in the air makes hair prone to frizzing. Any damage – from the sun, colouring, straightening and heat appliances – makes cuticles rough and allows moisture to penetrate inside the hair shafts causing it to swell and create unattractive frizz. So give your irons and tongs a rest, lest they wreak havoc on your hair adding to the hot weather dryness.

Less is more: Simplify your pre-wash and post-wash routine by keeping the number of products you are using to a bare minimum. Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear hair. So sport a messy braid – ideal for keeping your hair under control and minimizing sun exposure.

Keep it clean:  As you sweat a lot more in the summer, your hair follicles produce sebum as your scalp perspires. Plus your hair is sure to feel sticky, dull and unsightly when there is dirt building up so wash often and ensure your scalp is squeaky clean. It’s the single most effective way to make your hair and scalp healthy.


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Ditch the heavy: From salon hair spa and deep conditioning treatments to moisturising hair masks and conditioners used for everyday hair care at home, go for lighter, hydrating formulas and clarifying products since they have residue removing properties. Check product labels to make sure they don't contain harsh sulfates, parabens or sodium chloride that are likely to weigh down your locks.

Colour me natural: Sun damage shows worse on colour treated hair. It bleaches out your stunning highlights making your hair lustreless. So stay clear of all colour for a while or else you will run the risk of having a bad hair month or worse! If you must still colour, wear a hat or scarf while you are in the sun to protect your hair or use a hair sunscreen; these are your best and only weapons against sun damage.

Hot hair treatment: Use the heat to your advantage and give your hair rehabilitation therapy. While you lounge by the pool-side, slather on a healing mask that will nourish your hair, untangle with the help of a wide-tooth comb and tie your hair in a bun while you bask in the sun. Not only does this protect your hair from salt or chlorinated water but it will also leave your hair feeling rejuvenated.

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