Learn How To Condition Your Hair With Essential Tips By Experts

Your hair is exposed to damage from root to tip. So you definitely want to use conditioner the whole length of your hair. Not just on the ends.


It's a total myth that only the ends of your hair need help. Every inch of your hair is exposed to damage. Think of the sun beating down on your roots! Or that ponytail holder you twist onto the ends. That's why you need a strengthening conditioner from root - to tip if you want fuller hair from top to bottom, with less breakage and flyaways. Luckily, Pantene Conditioner has smart technology so it knows exactly what your hair needs, and where. Pantene conditioner micro-targets the weak spots -- and any excess rinses easily away. It helps reduce the stress of brushing and styling on your hair to make it even more resilient. So your hair is stronger against damage, and even more beautiful.

Pantene Conditioner Total Damage Care
Pantene Conditioner Total Damage Care

Pantene Conditioner Total Damage Care - Conditions to Repair & Seal Every Hair Strand

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