Off the runway and on your head: 2018 Top Hairstyles Guide

Off the runway and on your head: 2018 Top Hairstyles Guide

Need the scoop on the hottest hairstyles for 2018? You've come to the right place girl! From bobs to buns, our list of the top hairstyle for 2018 is just the thing you need to take your look from blah to bomb!

But before we begin, a little reminder to the young ladies, styling, color and experimentation can be a fun way to let loose, don’t forget that your hair has needs too. It’s a give and take relationship, the better you treat your hair, the better it makes you look and feel. Now don’t go thinking that this is a warning against having fun, by all means, go for it, just take a little time before you begin to give your hair a little protection. What’s more? Pantene Oil Replacement was made just for this reason, it gives you all the benefits of natural, nourishing oils but without the oiliness. More importantly, it helps keep your hair hydrated and smooth through Pro-V formula, helping with detangling and knot-sorting before you begin the styling keeping your worst enemy hairfall away, and the biggest bonus, it acts a heat resistant, so the iron no longer leaves your hair frizzled and dry.

Get Shorty

Bob hairstyles are making a tremendous comeback this year. From pixie cuts to asymmetric, the bob is all the rage on the runway and off it! And forget all those apprehensions about bob hairstyles not suiting everyone; all you need to do is pick the cut that suits your face. While round faces look better with bob that hits right below the chin, square faces can choose to highlight or hide their jawline with a bob that’s above or a little below the jaw.

Go Sky High

Cheerleader ponytails are getting hotter than the Sahara! With A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande sporting them, the good old ponytail is no longer relegated to be the go-to bad hair day style. Use a thin barrelled curling wand to add texture to your ponytail with volumized curls and waves

*QUICK TIP: Using a nourishing anti -frizz serum like Pantene Oil Replacement before heat styling will not only help provide protection against damage and breakage but will also give your hair a healthy shine and silky smoothness to take your ponytail to the next level! So, bye bye Hairfall, Hello stylish Ponytail!


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Bun it, Baby

Let's face it, in a hot climate like ours, a bun hairstyle is a blessing! The stylish updo keeps the hair away from the back of the neck and is perfect for those sweaty summer days that never seem to end. But just because you're throwing your hair into a bun doesn't mean you can't have fun with it! Shake things up with a twisted loose bun for a casual party or a messy bun to run your daily errands. But, keeping your hair locked into a bun can result in breakage, however so, it is important to use good anti-hair fall shampoos like the Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo with the goodness of oils to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall that results from breakage. An even better thing to do would be to follow the simple CWC ritual or the condition-wash-condition, followed by a light rub down with your detangle expert, Pantene Oil Replacement, so you can rock your favourite juda hairstyle without any worries!

Puff it

Higher the hair, the closer to style heaven, the puff hairstyle has been capturing imaginations since the time of Marie Antoinette and isn't about to go anywhere soon with fashion icons like Selena Gomez rocking one as a part of their couture looks. And it's not just limited to fronts, side puffs are in and how! But remember all that back-combing can damage your hair and cause breakage or Hairfall so treat it with products like Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner or Pantene Oil Replacement that will nourish and protect it from root to tip.

Let’s get Insta ready, shall we? Start the hastags already! #GoodHairDays #LoveMyHairdo

So, give your go-to hairstyle a miss, treat yourself to a brand new do that's fresh off the runway and get ready to wow them all!

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