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Tips While Selecting Hairstyles For Your Kids

Have childhood memories of ribbons and braids? Oil massages, pretty clips and flowers? As a busy mom, how do you manage your kids’ demanding hairstyles?

Remember grandma combing your hair and telling you how pretty you looked? Remember the time when you had to do your own hair because mom was busy? Kids these days have a mind of their own and want to pick their hairstyle according to the latest fashion.  And with constantly changing trends sported by movie and sports icons, the nightmare only worsens.

Some tips to consider while selecting hairstyles for your children

Age:  Since the job of grooming will be the parent’s job, you can decide what to do.   Be realistic and choose short lengths for both boys and girls.  If you have a kid with curly hair, try braiding.  This will make it more manageable.  Convince your kid that even short hairstyles can be very stylish.  You can let them decide when they are old enough to be independent.

Gender:  Gender stereotypes do run true – short, low maintenance styles for boys and long hair for girls.  Not necessarily true in either case.  Decide based on the kid’s personality and activity level.

Hair types:  Most often, hair style decisions are based on a kid’s hair texture.  Most babies have very fine hair and it doesn’t pose a problem till they grow up.  If one has fine straight hair, a simple style will work well.  Haircuts in layers will help in minimizing tangles and messes.  You get the general idea - work with the hair type and make life easier.

Talk to a stylist:  Consult a stylist and get a style that is easily maintained by the kid.  They can develop good grooming habits and eventually choose a style of their own.

Cool hair styles for girls


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Well, there are so many hair styles to choose from for girls – a pony tail, a blunt bob, a fishtail braid, French braid, a basic bun, a ponytail braid combo!  The list goes on.

Cool hair styles for boys

Hairstyles for boys are not limited to plain short and simple.  Razor cuts and frizz are also in but these are high maintenance and require regular trips to the stylist.  Still, boys’ hair are always easier to manage as they require no accessories.

Thank god for school

Most schools have codes on the length of hair that students can have.  There are few hairstyles that work with medium lengths.  Shaggy cuts look good on most boys.  Try a buzz cut or a close to the head crop for curly hair.  Some kids like spiky hair and this can be styled many different ways.  A hairdresser can help in picking a style based on the hair type and easy maintenance.

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