Quick and easy hair pick-me-ups

Quick and Easy Hair Pick-Me-Ups

When your hairstyle is flagging but you want to look glam in a hurry, you need easy solutions to freshen up in an instant. And here they are!


If your style is slumping by mid-day, hang your head upside down, shake your hair out and give it a blast of hairspray to add some lift. If need be, tease the roots in the section over your forehead with a thin-toothed comb to give it extra va-va-voom. It’s not always easy to find the time to blow-dry properly, especially if you’re a busy working mum, but you can dry your hair upside down to pump up the volume. Check out how to grow hair faster with 13 essential tips here.

Get knotted

Long hair can sometimes look lank, especially if it’s two or more days since you washed it. Top knots are easy and chic, take seconds and will give your whole look a lift. Simply pull your hair up to the top of your head to create a tight ponytail, securing it and smoothing the back carefully. Now back-comb the ponytail to boost volume and twist it around the front in a knotty bun, securing it with grips or pins. Spray with hairspray and tuck any stray hairs into the bun or behind your ears. Voila!

Play with your part

Always have your parting in the same place? Switch it up for a quick way to add height and volume to your hair. Swap sides, go further over to the left or right for more drama, or – for a modern look – dampen your hair, then use your fingers to encourage your parting to fall into place naturally, rather than in a strongly defined way.


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Pretty braid

If you don’t have time to blow-dry in the morning, pull all your hair to one side in a loose braid, leaving some strands free around your face. Suddenly need to look wow-worthy for a meeting or after-work drinks? Release your hair from the braid and brush out gently, or use your fingers, add a few drops of Argan Oil to calm down any flyaways and you’ll be left with a gorgeous beachy wave.

Do the ironing/ Iron it out

If your style has a tendency to flop or go a bit tatty, give the front section a quick refresh with some curling tongs and a spritz of hairspray. Don’t have tongs handy? Dampen a section of hair and twist it around one of your fingers then secure the curl with a pin. Blast for 30 seconds with a hair dryer. Do a few curls this way and your hair will get its bounce back.

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