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Learn How To Make Your Own Headband

You have a date tonight! You've thought of almost everything: dress, shoes, make-up... you're going to look great! Our editorial team would like to share an idea for a different hair ornament. We give you the secret of making a headband!

Do you want to learn how to make your own hair ornament in just half an hour? We show you the basics and you can modify it as you wish!

Even the disheveled hair is hopeless!

For those bad hair days, pull your hair back with a headband, or create a modern tousled do and adorn it with the headband - you'll see how it changes! These accessories can transform an untamable mane into a chic hairdo with an extra touch of style. For cool hairstyles to go with the headband try the classic waves hairstyle.

You just need a leather strap or vinyl, rubber bands, scissors, needle, thread, glue and tape.

This headband is very easy to make. You need to buy around 20cm of elastic and two flat leather or vinyl straps. Along with scissors, a little super glue, needle and thread and a tape measure, this is all you need.

We started the loop making a double fold and sticking to it is attached

To make the ornament, cut a strip of leather around 20 cm long. First make a knot and then another smaller one on the upper part, place a drop of glue between the two and press them together. Repeat the process on the other side and cut the rest of the strap.

We completed the loop with a small light in the center, and join the band

To complete the ornament, glue another strip of leather, wrapping it around the middle (see photo). Then, glue everything to a second leather strap 38 cm long. This will be the top of the headband, so place it wherever you want! To make sure everything sticks together, place a book or something heavy on the strap, pressing down for a few minutes.

We place and adjust the headband to our measure

Now we add the elastic band. You should have already measured the circumference of your head; make sure the elastic fits tightly. Make a small slit the size of the elastic in each end of the leather strap and slide the elastic through. Sew both ends together and secure. Remember that it needs to fit in perfectly so that it remains secure and does not fall out!

You can make as many crowns as you like

Done! It's simple and elegant. This time we are using shiny golden leather to accent the black outfit and draw attention to the hair, but you can make as many handbands and in as many colors as you want!

To wear a Delicious silky mane, h & s are ideal Menthol or Citrus

Of course, so you show off beautiful hair without dandruff, we recommend you use a shampoo like H&S which helps you feel confident and attractive at any time. It is very pleasant to approach someone and have them say your hairs smells nice, and using H&S Citrus y Mentol guarantees this!

Now you are ready to enjoy the night!

There is nothing better, aside from an elegant sense of style, than those little tricks and beauty aids for always looking marvelous.

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