Make Amazing Dry Shampoos At Home

3 Simple Dry Shampoo Recipes For Beautiful Hair

Unwashed hair can be clean too, when you know how to ‘dry’ clean it. Won’t it be even better to know how to make the dry shampoo at home?

Face it ladies, that lovely head of yours needs constant care and left to its own devices, it will fall prey to oil and dirt, and make you look like a dish rag on legs.

You know that washing hair every day isn’t an option. Not just for lack of time but also because using too much shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, and makes it dry and rough.

Girlfriends, have you not heard of dry shampoo? Market shelves and cosmetics shopping websites already have some products ready for use. But instead of buying these readymade, can we interest you in some homemade dry shampoo?

Before you decide, let’s first read about why a dry shampoo is your answer to oily, limp hair.

Top 7 Benefits of Using Dry Shampoo

#1: You can stay longer between hair washes.

#2: You can use it as a quick fix after the gym or a run.

#3: It adds volume and bounce to unwashed hair.

#4: It soaks up oil and dirt.

#5: You can use it overnight.

#6: It saves time and money.

#7: You can make it at home, which is why you’re reading this article, right?

Now that we’ve got the why out of the way, let’s show you how to make dry shampoo at home.

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3 Dry Shampoo Recipes That You Can Make At Home

#1 Corn starch DIY dry shampoo

The first in our list is the simplest.

  • Just sprinkle corn starch in your hair and rub it into your roots.
  • Let it sit for a while and then brush it out of your hair.
  • The corn starch will get oil and dirt out like magic, leaving you with clean, bouncy and fresh hair, without even stepping into the shower.

#2 Baby powder dry shampoo

This dry shampoo recipe is great if you have a baby. It works even if you don’t; just that you will need to go out to the store and get yourself a bottle of baby powder.

  • Sprinkle the powder in your hair and rub it into your roots.
  • Brush it out after a few minutes.
  • You can use the powder by itself or add some baking soda to it too.

#3 Salt and cornmeal dry shampoo

The next time you want clean hair, don’t go to the bathroom; head to the kitchen instead.

  • Take a salt or pepper shaker and add one tablespoon salt, and half a cup of cornmeal to it.
  • Shake it up really well, taking care to close the holes on top.
  • Whenever you need a quick dry shampoo fix, just shake the mixture into your hair and brush it to remove all traces of oil and dirt.

Just remember ladies, a dry shampoo is just a stopgap arrangement. Keep a quality shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean shampoo handy at all times in your bathroom.

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