Look like A Movie Star with These 5 Classy Bangs.

5 Classy & Trendy Bangs Hairstyles Inspired by Bollywood Divas

Women in our country have been conditioned to believe that hair falling across their forehead and face is untidy and doesn’t look good. However, bangs are the very hairstyles for long hair that are quickly gaining popularity among some of Bollywood’s most famous movie stars.

Bangs, also called a fringe, is done by cutting the front part of your hair in such a way that it falls over your forehead. Generally, bangs are cut fairly straight at or just above the eyebrows. That being said, there are so many variations, right from ruffled bangs and bangs that are spiked up with hair gel to bangs that can be swept to one side and are cut longer to fall over the eyes. Popularized by Bette Page and Elizabeth Taylor, the bangs hairstyle has come and gone out of fashion as frequently as other trendy hairstyles. And guess what? They’re back with a bang, especially among Bollywood’s finest actresses. Here are a few Bollywood celebrities that we love who look absolutely fabulous and stunning in bangs:

This silver screen icon is always experimenting with her looks! In her movie ‘Anjana-Anjani’ she sported sexy-short layers with side bangs which gave it a lot of bounce and oomph, literally dripping confidence.

Katrina was seen wearing a girl-on-the-wild-side look in her movie ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’. Curly hair and short-to-long bangs was the magic combination that made everyone man want to make her his Dulhan.

Anushka chopping off her beautiful hair for her movie PK was a bit of a shocker for everyone. But someone wise once said, “Change is the only constant” and the best part is, she totally rocked the short pixie cut with wispy bangs and made everyone fall in love with her new avatar.


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Whatever Chitrangada’s hair length might be, she swears by bangs and carries them off like the diva she is. Just Google her name and have a look at her images if you don’t believe this. This Bollywood stunner really loves herself the bangs look. And she does look really good in it!

Jackie wore her bangs with such class in her movie ‘Race 2’ that she left everyone hoping that there were 5 more sequels. Why? Well, her look was so effortless, which is what made her look as sexy and chic as ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get those bangs. The spotlight, reporters and fans await! Also, if you are worrying about maintaining your hair, we have a solution for you. Check out 13 ways to use vinegar for hair health here at our blog.

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