Learn How To Make The Perfect Snake Braid.

Learn How To Make Snake Braid With This 6 Step Tutorial

Making a snake braidmay look tougher than solving the Rubik’s cube but are actually very easy to create.

You know how they say that appearances can be deceptive? Well, that’s exactly the case with the snake braid. It looks awfully cumbersome and intricate but you’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is to make.

How to Make a Snake Braid - Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Begin by selecting a relatively smaller hair section from the front of your head.

Step 2: Now using the normal braiding technique braid that section of hair but not all the way; leave about an inch of hair at the bottom un-braided. Also, keep in the mind not to make the braid too tight.

Step 3: Now, hold the strand that’s in the middle steady and push the other two strands towards the top of your head.


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Step 4: This step really defines the aesthetic of your snake braid. Simply and very gently, pull down the two strands a wee bit at a time; do it right and you will see the snake emerge.You can pull them as far down as you want.

Step 5: Now tether it to the back of your head using a bobby pin.

Step 6: Spray some hair-hold and you’re done with your snake braid hairstyle.  Wella has some of the best hairstyling products around, if you’re looking for a recommendation!

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