Is Colouring Your Hair a Monsoon-Friendly Choice?

Is Colouring Your Hair a Monsoon-Friendly Choice?

Rains are thought to make your hair colour bleed. But is it true or a misconception? Find out now.

When the rains arrive, so do a lot of doubts and anxieties about hair care in monsoon. While everyone is more or less aware of hair care staples like hot oil massages, hair spas, hair washes and scalp care routines, not many are aware if colouring your hair in the monsoon is a good idea?

This article will clarify if rains really do make hair colour bleed, or if it is safe to show off your brand new hue during the monsoon spell.

Your hair needs more care

At the outset, yes, it is true that the monsoon isn’t probably the best time for your hair. That’s because hair turns frizzy, the scalp gets annoyingly greasy and overall, hair looks dull, limp and lifeless owing to increased moisture in the air. Which is why, it needs all the extra care possible during these months.

Your hair colour is at as much risk from the monsoon as it is from the shower


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The good news is, hair colouring for women actually has nothing to do with the monsoon or what it does to your hair. In fact, a head of funky coloured locks may just brighten up an overcast, gloomy monsoon day. And it adds a brilliant contrast to the season amidst all the different shades of green.

Things to keep in mind if you’re colouring your tresses this monsoon season

  • Excess colouring and highlights expose your hair to too many chemicals, which can then result in pre-mature greying and dryness. That’s one colour you don’t want to sport too soon, do you?
  • If you go frolicking in the rain, as you should, your hair colour may bleed; so your best bet would be to tie your hair up.
  • Before going out in the rain, you could wet your hair and put conditioner. This sometimes prevents the colour from bleeding. But remember to rinse with cold water immediately after your back indoors.
  • Whatever colourful experiment you choose to do, do it in moderation.

So, there, the mystery of hair colour during the monsoons has finally been revealed. The verdict? Rains do not have any more of an effect on coloured hair than swimming pools and showers do. So, colour you hair and paint the city red or with the color of your choice this monsoon!

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