If Your Hair Is Fine, It’sJust Fine

If Your Hair Is Fine, It’s Just Fine

Fine hair isn’t a rare phenomenon. Women the world over are haunted by hair that won’t look thick or voluminous.Thin (or thinning hair) can be difficult to style without looking well, thin. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world when looking for hairstyles for thin hairthat bring out the best in you.

The best way to bring out the best in your weak, thin hair is to use the right products. Shampoos and conditioners that strengthen, repair and protect are best. Don’t be shy to use styling gels, mousse and sprays that work wonders in adding texture, shine and hold. Be consistent with haircuts, and when styling at home, dry your hair while flipped upside-down over the head to add instant texture. Blunt cuts, adding curls, lightly teasing from the roots and keeping layering to a minimum are some basic rules to make weak, thin hair look its best.

Short or long, straight or curly, there are countless thin hairstyles and techniques that can help you present your hair in the best light.

5 Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

Shattered Shag


This hairstyle has no layers, but simply a shattering of the bottom edge that creates the illusion of textured shag. Pair it up with some asymmetrical bangs and you’ve got an amazing style.This style works best with oval shaped faces.

Shaggy Pixie Cut


This longer, shaggy pixie cut is ideal for thinning hair and looks very chic too. It gives the hair movement, creating the impression of volume, drama and dimension.

Non-layered Blunt Cut



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Shorter hair with blunt ends add volume to thin hair. Keep minimal layers to keep the hairstyle full. The style looks stunning on naturally straight hair.

Fine Flip


If you wish to keep layers to a minimum, add a dash of drama by limiting the layers to frame your face only. A potentially boring hairstyle can suddenly come alive with chiselled layers.You can carry off this hairstyle best if you have a round or square shaped face.This hairstyle works even better if you have straight hair.

This extra-long bob totally works well with thick as well as thin hair. For thin hair, the key is to keep the cut full, with no layering. The cut will immediately add volumes to your hair.

Extra-long Bob


The best part of this hair style is that it can suits all face shapes. Naturally straight, wavy or curly, this hairstyle works for all textures.

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