How to mess your bun correctly: Tips for that perfect messy bun!

How to mess your bun correctly: Tips for that perfect messy bun!

Ah, the perfect bun!

Across time and cultures, women have learnt to style the perfect bun and wear it uniquely. Whether it was a simple bun worn to symbolize property in Greece, or a double bun worn to symbolize marital status in China, there’s no doubt that the bun still continues to be a style statement today and is less likely to go out of style anytime soon.

A popular bun-do that has become a millennial favourite is the messy bun. The perfect messy bun is a combination of messy volume on the top of the head, with strands of hair pinned around a high ponytail that also, somehow looks neat. Cool, huh?

Here are some tips you can use while you style a messy bun, perfectly:

1. Don’t comb, just relax:

The key to a perfect messy bun is not combed or perfectly set hair. Let the strands be and simply pull your hair back into a loose bun. This look is effortless. To enhance the quality and make sure of your hair, simply prep your hair with a nourishing agent like Pantene Oil Replacement after a bath. This will make sure your hair is tangle-free and smooth enough to give your look the edge and a break from broken hair strands!

2. Tease your hair:

You heard us! Teasing is a key step when it comes to putting your messy bun together. Teasing your hair gives it the right volume and texture you need, while giving you the right amount of mess you’re looking for. Simply section, backcomb and treat it with the anti-frizz serum aka Oil Replacement to effectively tease.

3. Use bobby pins:

Once you’ve tied, teased and set your messy bun, you can play around with the shape of your bun by simply using bobby pins. Not only does it let you stylize your bun, but using bobby pins also adds more dimension to the look.
Tip Alert: Don’t forget to finish with a light spray once you are done to keep all the loose strands in place.

One thing you never want to forget though, when it comes down to it, no matter how much you style and dress up your locks, you must show it love and nurture it. But giving you a beat down without a solution doesn’t sit right with us, that’s exactly why we developed Pantene Oil Replacement, be it pre-styling, post-styling, it covers your hair to the complete lengths, protecting your hair from breakage or falling so you can let it grow long.


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