5-step Chic Chignon

5 Step Chignon Bun Tutorial

For a no-fuss Valentine’s hairdo, it truly doesn't get much better than a chignon.

Although this chic updo might seem complicated, creating one isn't as daunting as you may think — it's all in the preparation and products! 

5 Step Tutorial To Make A Chic Chignon Bun


Step 1. Create Texture in Your Hair:

Whether with hairspray, mousse or dry shampoo, you need to add some grit to your hair in order for the style to stay put. Freshly washed hair, while soft and pretty in its own right, isn't going to help you with this ’do. Your hair needs to be a bit dirty or tacky or else the chignon will simply unravel and fall out.


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Tip: If your hair is freshly washed and damp, use a mousse or gel to build volume while blow-drying. If your hair is dry (my preference), use Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo to create the mussed up texture you’ll need.


Step 2. Pull Hair Back Into a Low Ponytail:

Once your hair is roughed up a bit, smooth it back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic. Make sure the hair is relatively sleek around the temples and at the crown, but feel free to leave the ponytail as messy as you please. Messy chignons are currently just as popular as their slick counterparts.


3. Twist the Ponytail Into a Coil:

Start twisting the ponytail to the ends and coiling it around itself, while creating a doughnut shape at the base of the head. Keep you second hand on the bun so it stays in place while you twist away. Don't let go!


Step 4. Secure With Hairpins:

Once the chignon is in place and against your head, start pinning the heck out of it. Please note that if your hair is thick or updo-challenged, U-shaped hairpins will work much better at securing your chignon than bobby pins.

Step 5. Spray Into Place:

A spritz or two of hairspray should keep your chic chignon in place and gorgeous!

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