Love the Hair you Have: How to feel great in your natural state

Love the Hair you Have: How to feel great in your natural state

How to stop spending your life hating the hair you’ve got and tips for embracing what you have.

How many women do you know who can say “I love my hair, I wouldn’t change a thing about it!” None probably. We all spend our lives trying to change the hair that nature gave us, even if there is nothing wrong with it. It’s too curly, too straight, too frizzy, too limp, the wrong color, not shiny enough, just wrong. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can let go of bad hair karma, it’s easier than you think.

Eat right.

We tend to forget that hair, just like the rest of our bodies, is alive and like the rest of us, needs tender loving care. Choose foods like almond butter, tangerines, spinach, Greek yogurt and salmon, which are high omega-3 and promote hair growth. They are your hair’s favorite foods. Your hair also needs lots of water, so don’t forget to stay hydrated to flush out your body’s toxins and keep your hair healthy.

Opt for a do that’s right for you.

Visit a stylist your trust with some ideas, but do let the experts guide you and suggest which haircut is best for your texture. Tell him about your everyday styling and caring routine, so if you have no time for a daily blowout, he knows not to give you a cut that requires it. After you’ve found your cut, make sure you go back to trim off those dry ends every month or two. Those split ends are what make us look unruly and unkempt a lot.

Don’t load your hair with every product on the market.

Find the oil, gel, serum, wax, mousse or hairspray that works for you. For example, if you find your hair is limp, use a volumizing product, if it’s prone to frizz, tame it with serum or oil. If you need your bangs to stay in place, use some hairspray. But don’t use all of those at once.

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Take care of your hair.

Find the right shampoo and conditioner for your texture. Make sure you rinse the products out of your hair thouroughly. If you have dandruff or a dry scalp, use shampoo that fights and repairs that.  Head & Shoulders Classic Clean works wonders.

Check out these great tips on how to care for dry and sensitive scalp.

Use a hair mask once a week.

Make a promise to yourself to use mask once a week! Choose a day that works best for you, it could be for that long shower you treat yourself to on Saturday evening, or your Monday morning wake-up shower! Selecting a specific day will help to make a ritual of it, and ultimately will help you make sure to give your hair the care it deserves!

Finally, don’t forget, just like you wish you had someone else’s hair, there is someone that wants yours.

Have you embraced your natural hair? Tell us how below.

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