How To Make Waterfall Braid

Music festivals and spring looks were made for cute braided hairstyles.

How to Make Waterfall Braid in 4 Steps

Pantene shows you how to do a waterfall braid you can wear with your favorite spring looks. Feel like a queen in our crown braid.

Step 1: Start by prepping the hair, making it straight, curly, or wavy, depending on the look you want.

Step 2: Take about a one and one half-inch section of hair from the top front and separate it into three sections as you would a normal braid.

Step 3: Then begin making a French braid down the side of your head. Instead of adding hair to the bottom section, drop the bottom piece and take a new section from directly behind it. This creates the cascading effect of the braid.

Step 4: You can make this braid go as far back as you want. When you get to the end, secure with hair pins.

A little stylist tip: Cover the pins with a section of unbraided hair to make a beautiful, finished look.

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Braided hairstyles are perfect for any any occasion may it be wedding or party or any other occasion. Also, check out these 10 traditional indian bridal haisrtyles that you can try on your wedding day here.

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