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Learn To Do A Simple Braided Bun in 7 Easy Steps

In the morning after you shower, get dressed and do your makeup, we never have enough time to do our hair. However, a pretty bun in a few minutes, that's possible. You just need to know how. Here are the 7 simple steps for making a trendy braided bun yourself.

Every morning you have the same question: what can I do with my long hair? Especially since we are not all styling and bun experts, we don't necessarily have many accessories, or much time to spend! So that your original style does not feel as hard as climbing Mount Everest, we have a solution: The Braided Bun

Tools needed: hair brush, pins, hair conditioner
For impeccable results, you have to have smooth hair that is easy to style. We have chosen a product range that is just right for this: Pantène Lisse et Soyeux.

Pantène Lisse et Soyeux @ Reward Me

Step 1: Brush your hair carefully to remove all tangles.

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 1a - Reward Me

Apply Shampoo and conditioner for perfect, shiny, really smooth hair, the once-a-week mask to strengthen the treatment effect and a really clever product: soufflé (a light mousse that nourishes hair) for hair texture that is ideal for styling.
Your hair is enhanced! Now we get to work! 

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 1b - Reward Me

Step 2: Start on one side. Take a strand near the ear and twist it to make a coil. Take it round behind the head and make it tight so it stays in place. 
With one hand hold the first coil. With the other, twist on the other side. 

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 2 - Reward Me

Step 3: Bring the two coils together, like for a low ponytail. Watch out! You have to tighten the coils so that they don't sag! 

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 3 - Reward Me

Step 4: Then we braid. Depending on how thick your hair is, you braid loosely or tightly for a thick or thin style.

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 4 - Reward Me

Step 5: Once the braid is finished, turn it in on itself, into a bun. 

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 5 - Reward Me

Step 6: Attach it with pins. To avoid the bun looking too severe, tease out a few strands on the sides. That makes the look more natural.

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 6 - Reward Me

Step 7: And there you go! Your braided bun is ready. A romantic, really feminine style in just a few minutes. Minimum effort, maximum effect. Excellent! Bun hairstyles can be worn for wedding parties & outings as well.

How to do a Braided Bun for Long Hair - Step 7 - Reward Me

Braided bun hairstyle goes best with traditional look and you can try out on special Indian occasion. Also, check out 10 other indian traditional hairstyles here.

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beautiful and adorable too.Just can't wait to do this hairdo

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beautiful bun..nice for formal evenings...

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