High Mohawk Hairstyle

High Mohawk Hairstyle Tutorial

The High Mohawk hairstyle is in vogue. Learn how to style your hair into a high mohawk with this easy 5 step tutorial.

Rochelle Rao shares the story of how the 3 girls came up with this idea. It all started with Archana’s challenging Rochelle to create a hairstyle without using any hair-styling product. Rochelle accepted the challenge and tried to pull off a Kim Kardashian. Follow their journey as they explore different hairstyles in a series of episodes. 

5 Step High Mohawk Hairstyle Tutorial

Step 1: Take section of hair from the top of your eye-brow to back of your crown. Take the same partion on the other side and clip both out of the way

Step 2: Take another section from crown all the way to the top of your ear. Take the same portion on other side and after smoothing it, pin it to bottom of your crown

Step 3: Remove the hair out from the clip and take small sections of hair near the partition

Step 4: Tease these small sections of hair to desired height till you reach the front end

Step 5: Depending on your hair texture you can choose to pin the hair. And the high mohawk hairstyle is done!


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