High Hair With A Band Look

Sport The High Hair With A Band Look

Create a hairstyle out of just one accessory!

After challenging Rochelle, in return Archana gets another challenge to create a hairstyle out of just one accessory! So Archana decided to do a High hair with a Band look perfect for diva night outs. Will Archana be able to pull off the challenge with ease? Watch the video to find out!

Steps to get a High Hair with a Band Look Hairstyle: 

Get the ‘high hair with a band look' with these simple steps. It’s quite a versatile hairstyle, because it works with both – curly hair and straight hair!

Step 1: First take your comb and comb your hair out. Take out all the knots, detangle it nicely, and then with the back of your comb make a nice neat box section

Step 2: Comb out the box section. Now take small sections from this box and back comb it nicely.


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Step 3: Now comb the last section properly for neatness.

Step 4: Now take your headpiece and place it on your head and to secure it you can use 2 bobby pins.

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