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10 Interesting Truth About Healthy Hair

In order to have strong, shiny and healthy hair, it's important to know what type of care it actually needs.

When your hair is calling for help, it's not always easy to interpret the "signs that it sends". To care for your hair in the best way, we will find out 10 step by step "truths" for a head of hair that is always in top form. And we dispel some common myths…


1. Does washing your hair often damage it? It's not so much how often you shampoo but the properties of the shampoo and the way in which you use it which makes the difference. When you wash the hair, a light massage will help to refresh the scalp and rebuild the root sheath. Comb the hair and untangle any knots before washing. Wash with warm but not hot water. The ideal temperature should be around 28 degrees. Never apply the shampoo directly to the hair: mix the right amount into a bowl, stir well and then apply the shampoo evenly through the hair. . Rub your head gently with your fingertips and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until the hair feels smooth to the touch. Even when you are in a hurry, you should always make time to condition your hair. Apply a fast-acting restorative balm without rinsing.

2. Is it true that too much hard water can damage the hair? Hard water is harmful to the hair and can promote dryness. But there are excellent methods to prevent this problem. For example, there are special filters to apply to showers and taps, but also softening shampoos and conditioners to neutralize the damage from hard water against hair. Some advice? When you wash your hair, use mineral water in which you have diluted a dash of vinegar for the final rinse.


3. Does hair dye ruin your hair? Hair dyes today are some of the best designed products and we can continue to trust in the safety of these products : some dyes contain active ingredients that nourish whilst coloring. To give new luster to the hair you can nourish it with specific rejuvenating treatments which are highly protective and rich in group B vitamins. Particularly B5. A couple of times a week apply a nourishing and restorative mask : volume, softness and shine will quickly return and your color will always remain at its best.

4. Can styling with the hairdryer or straighteners dry your hair? Only if you "mistreat" it . Styling your hair is very important - you shouldn't abuse the health of your hair by putting it under the stress of the hairdryer for too long. It's best to avoid very close, hot, strong blasts of air . For brushing choose a large rounded brush, and pull from the roots to the ends. Exaggerating the ends will in fact give the necessary tension to the hair Important! Allow to dry before removing the brush and move on to the next section. Ifyou use one of the latest generation straighteners, ion technology ones are best as they work on the hair without damaging it. In any case, for added protection, firstly apply a generous amountof protective spray. It protects against the heat and the mechanical action of the brush, and once dried, it protects against humidity, leaving the hair soft and shiny.



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5. Dandruff. It's impossible to get rid of it? It is a solvable condition as it is simply a disorder of the natural balance of the hair lipid Some of the most common causes include a diet lacking in vitamins and minerals and the use of poor quality shampoos which alter the natural physiological balance of the scalp. Prevention is possible and should be done rigorously in predisposed individuals by adding more fruit and vegetables to their diet and frequently using treatments that respect the health of the hair. You should make it a habit to avoid heat sources (hairdryers at high temperatures) or excessively hot water.

6. Static hair! Help I can't stand it! Static electricity is an annoyance which can however be easily resolved thanks to the help of protective serums. Apply a few drops onto damp hair to facilitate styling. Remember to keep the hairdryer at a distance and direct the air (warm!) with the diffuser from the roots to the ends. After using a silk-effect shampoo and conditioner, blow dry your hair lightly and then apply a shiny-effect, anti-frizz serum onto dried hair.

7. Weak hair and split ends forever? No, hair that is prone to breakage can be strengthened as the hair has a natural tendency to grow and renew itself constantly. Help your hair with tailored treatments aimed at preventing damage. In this way the hair will grow back healthy without weakening, maintaining its sinew and natural resilience. As for the problem of split ends, this is typical of long hair. When the keratin layers become progressively thinner with the increasing distance from the root, the ends become weak, splitting open lengthwise and divide. The only real remedy is to cut the hair. As for brittle hair, there are products that can prevent it, such as nourishing and protective serums and compresses to massage on the ends regularly every time you style your hair. In addition, apply a restructuring mask once a week.


8. "Difficult" hair ... too many products suffocate the hair? Hair, including difficult types, such as curly hair, can be defined and sculpted not only with beauty products but also with care products. For example acontrol mask is the best solution to control and reduce frizziness on curly hair, protecting it from styling heat, orhair sprays thanks to a spray nozzle that produces a better and more economical distribution of the product. Most importantly - styling. After using a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, to fully maintain the volume of the natural curl, apply a volumizing serum onto damp hair; use the diffuser to dry the hair with the head upside down, with the hairdryer on the lowest setting..

9. Younger hair is more sensitive to treatments? Problems relating to hair care and well-being are common to every age. It's important however to use products specifically created to fight the signs of damage over time when the most external layer of the hair tends to become damaged giving an "aging" look to the hair. Curative treatments enriched with vitamins work from the outer most layer of the hair, helping to maintain the natural softness and shine. The hair grows and renews itself constantly. But if damage occurs before the hair has completed its growth cycle, it will never reach its full potential. This is why it is often difficult for hair to grow beyond a certain length. Some products contain an innovative formula that nourishes weak and stressed hair and prevents the risk of damage caused by brushing and blow drying for more resistant, softer and healthy glowing hair

10. And in the swimming pool with the chlorine, will the hair suffer? Yes, hair is protected as much as possible from the harmful effects of chlorine. Before putting on the cap, wet the hair and apply a small amount of restorative mask or afast-acting no-rinse nourishing cream or a spray with protective film. When you get out of the pool and are ready for a shower, usea softening shampoo that respects the natural balance of the hair. Don't forget to apply a nourishing balm on a regular basis.

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