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Hair: which color most suits your face? Find out with this test

Platinum blonde, jet black or chocolate brown? Every face deserves to be enhanced by the right hair shade. Find out which shade is right for you with our test and with the advice of hair stylist Enrico Mariotti.

1) The tone of your complexion is:
a) Fair
b) Golden
c) Olive

2) Your eyes are:
a) Light blue/dark blue
b) Brown/green
c) Brown/black

3) Your natural hair color is:
a) Blonde/light brown
b) Brown
c) Dark brown/black

4) In the sun you usually:
a) Burn and don't tan
b) May burn but get some color
c) Go brown straight away without burning

5) You like wearing which type of jewelry:
a) Silver
b) Gold or copper
c) Colorful

6) You choose clothes that are:
a) Dark and strong in color
b) Soft colors and delicate patterns
c) White or bright colors

7) Your ideal lipstick is:
a) Delicate pink
b) Golden orange
c) Fire red

You answered mostly A: blonde
To stay on the safe side when you dye your hair, the best suggestion is to remain as close as possible to your natural color. So if you have fair hair and a porcelain complexion which tends towards a cold tone, you could dare to go for platinum blonde perhaps with a red lip for a Hollywood diva look. If you prefer a softer shade you could aim for wheat or honey blonde or a light golden brown. It is better in any case to always play with the hue to avoid a flat and slightly dull effect. No red however, which would end up clashing with the cold tones of your face.

You answered mostly B: brown
If you have fair skin, with warm undertones and brown to green eyes, don't choose strong or cold colors for your hair. It’s better to opt for brown in caramel, cappuccino or milk chocolate hues, avoiding an overly dark shade which tends to turn gray. And why not venture a brown with mahogany highlights which adds character and instantly gives you a sexy look? If this seems too much for you, you could choose a softer shade such as auburn, which enhances your natural color to its fullest. The shade to avoid? Black, which when paired with warm skin tones creates a stark contrast, hardens the features and weakens the vitality of the face. Why not try shatush, achieved with warmer and softer tones to create a gradation that gives vitality and freshness to the whole style.

You answered mostly C: black
You are Mediterranean looking with olive skin and dark eyes? The color which enhances you the most is intense brown in warm and full shades of chocolate and coffee brown. Even black can be a good option, but only for younger people. As the years roll by it is better to opt for an intense brown which looks fresher and can rejuvenate the face. The mistake not to make? Lighten the hair too much or “warm it up” with caramel, honey or mahogany highlights as they create sharp contrasts which take away from the harmony of the whole look. Those who can't give up their lighter hair can aim for cappuccino and hazelnut shades or an auburn brown which is given movement by some lighter streaks which revive the look and give it more vitality.

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