Hair Colouring Trends: Ombre & Balayage

Which Hair Colouring Style Do You Want This Season - Balayage or Ombre Hair?

The differences between balayage and ombre hair may not be striking, but they definitely exist.

Hair Colouring Trends: Ombre & Balayage

Balayage and Ombre may sound that the names of two exotic places but they are, in fact, hair colouring styles which are used to highlight hair streaks in a different yet attractive way. So, let’s first understand each, shall we?


The French word Ombre literally means dual-toned. So basically, your hair will be light at the end and dark at its base; this is what is characteristic to this technique.

Colour palette

  • Burgundy, dark chocolate brown and purple, pink and red streaks look fabulous on long and medium-length hair.
  • Blonde, blonde streaks, light cocoa, copper and orange all look great on short hairstyles.


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The French word Balayage literally means sweep, which alludes to the sweeping motion the hair colourist uses to apply colour in this technique. This technique uses a gradual colour application from base to tip to give your hair a natural, sunkissed effect.This style favours long and medium length hair more than short hair.

Colour palette

  • You can be as experimental as you want with your long tresses. Be it green, blue, brown or purple, be sure to stick to one colour and use different shades of the same colour.
  • For short hair use shades of colours like brown and red.

Ombre vs. Balayage



Uses 2 different colours

Uses shades of the same colour

There is a clear demarcation line between colours and shades

There is no clear demarcation line between shades



Works on short, medium and long hair

Works best on hair that is at least shoulder length.

Pro Tip: Whichever method you choose, remember hair colour has a tendency to dry out your hair. Try to use a mild hydrating shampoo as much as possible. Pantene Pro-V TotalDamage Control shampoo is a safe bet here as it helps protect your hair in every state.

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