Greasy Hair Makes For Great Hairstyles Too!

3 Ways to Style Oily & Greasy Hair

Did you know that greasy hair can also allow for great hairstyles that keep you looking good and confident? Whether it’s a family event, a social gathering or a business meeting, there are ample hairstyles for oily hair for all occasions.

No time for frequent hairwashes? No worries. These styles will keep that day-old (or week-old) hair looking good, no matter the situation. Some tips on how to style oily hair are recommended below:

A thick, messy Plait or Braid (for short to long hair)


1.  Use a comb to tease the top section of your hair. Simply lift up your hair and backcomb underneath several sections to add texture.

2. Gather all of your hair to one side and hold it loosely in your hands.
3. Separate your hair into three sections. Starting from your collarbone, plait your hair all the way down until you reach the ends. Make sure you keep the braid loose near the top and tighten it as you go.
4. Secure the braid with a thin rubber band, and brush the ends of the plait for a bushy-tail finish.

The Big Bun (for medium to long hair)


1. Mist your hair with a hairspray and flip your hair over. Tousle it with your fingers, concentrating at the base to add body.

2. Section off the bottom third of your hair from ear to ear using your fingers, and put the top section of your hair into a high ponytail for now.
3. Take the bottom section and twist it tightly. Once you’ve twisted the entire section, wind it around itself. It should naturally begin to form a bun. Secure the bun with two bobby pins that crisscross each other underneath the bun.
4. Now take out the ponytail you’ve set aside, and split it into two horizontal halves, from temple to temple. Put the very top section aside, and twist the middle section into a bun. Secure it down at back of your head with hair pins.
5. For the top section, twist it downward and wrap it around the middle bun. Secure the ends of the twist with two hair pins that crisscross each other.


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Knotty you! (for long hair)


1. Once you’ve teased your hair, gather all of it at the nape of your neck. Without losing too much volume, split your hair in half, down the centre of your head.

2. Tie the two sections into a knot (the same way you would tie string). Then, tie the two sections again to create a double knot, and pull both ends to tighten it. Use two hair pins on each side underneath the knot to secure it.

3. If the ends look too polished, use the small tooth-comb to backcomb right at the bottom to give it that messy look. 

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