Gorgeous, Easy And Quick Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

Gorgeous, Easy And Quick Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

Schools are early in the morning just to mess with a parent’s schedule. Add to that a daughter (or two) with long hair and everything is in a tangle.

Is your daughter’s hairstyle routine stuck in a rut? Are you looking for something new, something quick and yet, something pretty? Long hairstyles for girls that are easy and hassle-free?

You want to chop off the tresses, but your daughter wants long hair.Leaving it loose and open isn’t an option, and finding quick and easy hairstyles that are not repetitive is quite a task. Curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair – any kind of hair that your daughter has, you want her to look neat and presentable, able to keep the hairstyle from getting untidy through the daily shenanigans of a 10-year old.

We’ve put together a fewsimple hairstyles for girls that you can try out today and that work perfectly well. The best part is, daddy can do them too.

Double Twist

A small twist of the wrist, umm, hair and a simple middle-parting can turn into something interesting.

Make a centre or side parting in the hair.Take a few strands of hair, about one inch in width, from one side near the forehead. Start twisting this hair lightly (don’t make her yelp!)such that the twist of hair turns up and not down. Don’t pull the twist too far away from the scalp. Keep adding more hair until you reach the top of her head.

Use a clip to keep the hair in place. Do the same on the other side as well.

The Wrapped Pony

Ditch the regular stuck-in-the-rut pony for the unique wrapped pony.


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Start with dry hair. Collect all the hair, except for a small bunch, in a regular ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Take the free section and wrap it around it around the band, covering it fully.

Use a clip to keep the wrapped hair in place or push it inside the rubber band.

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The Flip Tail

A regular ponytail, with a twist

Start with dry hair, and tie the hair in a low ponytail near the base of the neck using a rubber band.

Push the band down slightly to loosen the ponytail. With your fingersmake a ‘hole’ in the middle of the hair above the ponytail holder. Take the free end of the ponytail and pull it through the hole from underneath. Adjust the runner band to make the ponytail sit comfortably on the head without sticking out awkwardly.

Simple Bun

When time is running out and there’s no time to style.

Start with damp hair that is collected into a loose ponytail.Position the ponytail where the bun will be. Turn and twist the ponytail like a rope until it is tightly coiled. Secure the loose end with the ponytail rubber band. Use clips to hold the bun in place.

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