From Curls To Curlylicious: 3 Easy Styles

From Curls To Curlylicious: 3 Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair

In a country that’s obsessed with thick, black straight hair, curly or wavy hair may seem like a curse to some women. But truth is, it possesses more character and versatility than straight hair.

Women with naturally curly hair do not realise how blessed they are! And that is simply because they do not know how to manage them. You will be surprised to know that that there are as many hairstyles  for curly hair as for straight tresses.

Curly hair looks and behaves its best when it’s at medium length. And the best way to let them stay spiralled is by shampooing less often, which also keeps the curls shiny and healthy. Curly hair is also low on maintenance and doesn’t need constant patting down. In fact, you can so get away with a look that makes messy fashionable. Even better, you can whip up a new look in just a matter of minutes.

Here are 3 easy hairstyles for curly hair that are super simple and draw attention to your stunning looks.

Pinned Up Pretty - for those with medium length hair and an oval shaped face

  • Apply some curl cream to damp hair and then dry it using a diffuser.
  • Start twisting sections of your hair and pin them at the back of your head. Leave a few face framing strands.
  • Spray a light hold finishing spray all over.

Off Centre Sensation - great for curly hair of any length on a square face shape


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  • Part the hair to one side when still damp.
  • Mix some mousse and smoothing serum together and dry using a diffuser.
  • If you want spiralled hair curls falling loosely on your face, curl a few small sections using a small curling iron.
  • Spray a light hold finishing spray all over.

Bouncy Bun – for short to medium length hair on an oval face

  • Part your hair when dry and backcomb the hair that’s the length of reaching your eyebrows.
  • Secure at the back of your head with a bobby pin.
  • Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and begin pinning sections of it to create a soft bun on the crown area of your head. Do the same with the first section of hair you had pinned back.
  • Keep the look messy.
  • Spray all over with a light hold hairspray.

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