From Brazil To Japan - Your Hair Straightening Options

From Brazil To Japan - Your Hair Straightening Options

When it comes to hair straightening, which one do you choose – Brazilian or Japanese?

Straight hair – many of us consider it the Holy Grail of hair. It’s easy to style, manage and flaunt. No need to worry about frizz, tangles and leaving it loose, which is why many of us turn to appliances like hair straighteners and blow dryers. However there are more permanent solutions to this problem, such as Brazilian hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening. We’re going to break down these two processes – pros and cons. Let’s get to it!

Brazilian Hair Straightening

Brazilian hair straightening, also known as Brazilian keratin treatment and the Brazilian blow dry temporarily straightens your hair (for about 2-2/2 months) by sealing keratin (a natural agent in your hair that makes it smooth and soft) and a preservative solution into your hair using a hair iron. The process can take up to 2 hours, depending on the length of your hair. This hair needs no further straightening after this. Set aside your straightener and enjoy your lovely straight stylish hair! However, there are some points you should take into consideration before undertaking this treatment:

Pros of Brazilian Hair Straightening:

  • It’s safe for your hair
  • Your hair is smooth and frizz free
  • Both men and women can get it done
  • No proven side effects
  • No extra or daily straightening treatments required after
  • You can easily style your hair

Cons of Brazilian Hair Straightening:

  • The chemical used can irritate your skin and eyes
  • An allergic reaction is possible – rashes or itching
  • Pregnant women should avoid these treatment – the fumes are harmful for the pregnancy
  • It only lasts for a few months

Japanese Hair Straightening


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Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning first became a rage in New York in 2000. The treatment relies on a certain solution that is applied to your hair. The agents in this solution break down the bond of the hair (which gives it, its shape). The solution is poured onto your hair, then rinsed, blow dried and then combined with the flat iron, it results in the pin straight hair that Japanese women and famous for. A neutralizer is added to keep the hair in place. Before you choose this treatment, consider the pros and cons:

Pros of Japanese Hair Straightening:

  • Beautifully straightened and sleek hair
  • No need for additional straightening treatments
  • It required a touch up only every 6-9 months
  • Easy to manage

Cons of Japanese Hair Straightening:

  • The session to get your hair straightened can take hours
  • The poker straight hair doesn’t leave room for styling
  • Any attempt to curl or change the shape of your hair will damage the hair
  • The chemicals used can be harmful for hair.

So, there you have it! Both procedures do give you super smooth, silky and glossy hair. However, consider the points carefully and decide. Both procedures must be performed by professionals. 

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