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Frizzy Hair? Advice And Solutions

Light, soft, shiny and silky hair? The very often humid climate in fall means that it's difficult to have enviable hair every day, especially for those who have frizzy hair.

But what exactly is frizzy hair?

Typically found in those who have wavy or curly hair, frizzy hair is characterized by dry hair lacking in body. The stem and brittle ends are coarse to the touch and uneven. Excess heat from hairdryer use and vigorous drying with rough towels are the most common causes.


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Common Home Remedies to Tackle Frizzy Hair:

The most common remedies are also the most effective.

  • We prefer microfiber towels which absorb excess water better and towel dry more gently. Use wide-toothed combs and brushes with natural bristles, a hairdryer on a low setting helping with the hands.
  • Treat your hair with the same care that you treat the face and hands. Beauty treatments included. It's very important to choose products that are suited and tailored to your hair type.
  • There are now specific product lines available for all hair types: anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners that combine intensive moisturizing power with properties aimed at increasing the tone and elasticity of both straight and curly hair .
  • We would advise you to use a non-aggressive shampoo which can be used daily if necessary and to keep up the habit of leaving conditioner in the hair for a few minutes after application.
  • To intensify the effectiveness it is beneficial to wrap the head with a warm towel as it allows the hair to better absorb the nutrients contained in the product.

Once you have chosen your products, you should also apply a intensive moisturizing mask at least once a week (twice to start with and then once for upkeep) which should be chosen carefully, opting in this case for products with effective formulas that don't weigh down the hair. The result is immediately perceptible to the touch, even after the first application, hair should feel stronger, more resilient, shinier and thicker. Once the hair has returned to its natural state, you should have the freedom and confidence to change your finish and hairstyle for a more secure and long-lasting result without causing stress to the hair.

Frizzy hair are more prone to hair loss. Check out 15 more reasons for hair fall here at our blog.

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