French Roll, Twist & Pin

French Roll, Twist & Pin Hairstyle Tutorial

Create a Gym hairstyle that’s easy, stylish and also keeps your hair off your face!

Our inbox and comments have been floodied with suggestions and their challenge ideas for our surprise box. So we picked up a challenge for Rochelle to create a Gym hairstyle that’s easy, stylish and also keeps your hair off your face! Rochelle being a diehard fitness freak had some crazy ideas up her sleeve and decided to do a French roll twist & pin hairstyle. Will she be able to pull it off or not, is something we’ll find out after watching the video.

While working out one doesn’t like it when the hair comes in the face. French roll, twist and pin is the solution to looking good in the gym as well as having the hair out of one’s face.

Girls with curly hair can actually keep their curls in check with this hairstyle.

3 Step French Roll, Twist & Pin Bun For Gym Workouts:

Step 1: Brush your hair out and make sure there is no knot in the hair.


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Step 2: Take a section from above your eyebrows and then twirl it around and make it into a small bun and fix it in place.

Step 3: Once you have one bun securely in place, you can continue the process all the way down the back of your head in a similar manner.

Tip - Remember to check that each and every knot is in the center of each section so that the whole look is symmetrical.

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