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The Food That Nourishes Your Hair

Each strong and visibly healthy strand of hair reflects the light like a mirror, creating a bright line that gives you a natural radiant shine. The more care you take of your hair, the more evident the shine line will be. How do you achieve this? A healthy, balanced diet is essential, but there are some foods that help the hair from root to tip more than others.

What does a healthy diet mean for your hair? We know that fruit and vegetables are beneficial for every organism and having a balanced diet is essential, but to give the hair new shine, foods to consider are those rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are real, natural remedies that help to give your dull and weak hair new shine.

The hair, in fact, is made up of solid proteins in a percentage ranging from 65% to 95%; predominant among these is keratin, composed of lysine, cystine, and amino-acids which are present in meat and fish, and must be consumed at least 3 times a week each in order for the hair to benefit from their active ingredients. Fish also has a high content of omega-3, a fatty acid useful for improving the look of dull, weak hair.

Even those who follow a vegetarian diet or simply don't like these foods can achieve shiny hair by eating eggs and pulses. Eggs are an excellent source of proteins, biotin and vitamin B-12, essential in maintaining shiny and healthy hair. In addition to these substances, pulses are also rich in iron, an element responsible for transporting oxygen to every cell in the body and useful also for the hair. 


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