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The Latest Hair Trends To Follow This Fall

From the cut to the color, not to mention rejuvenating treatments, here is some advice to help you face the new season starting with the hair.

There's some comforting news if you're wanting a change, for those who never get their hair cut and for those whose style only needs a touch-up: the fashion trends for winter will please everyone. The trend is "natural", for the rest feel free to go for a short or mid-length cut or long hair.

In other words, the looks seen on the runways envisage loose hair which maintains and enhances its volume if wavy or curly, or updo's in soft braids or chignons. The same goes for mid-length styles where the "wild" look dominates, shoulder-length cuts are fine-tuned, tamed with the stroke of a brush or combed with the hands and left slightly unkempt. Bobs are also in, which in winter with jacket collars and over-sized knitted sweaters (which were a big hit on the runways) are easy to manage and really emphasize the face. They go well with full, voluminous bangs, but also with rounded side bangs which billow on the upper part of the head and with emphasized teasing on wavy hair

For diehard fans of straight hair, which is always in fashion, we suggest accentuating the minimal look with a side parting, hair tied in low slicked back ponytails or a chignon, exposing the face, which requires flawless make-up .

As for color only those with long hair should tone down their color, without however resorting to artificial or shocking bright shades, the overall effect should look natural with vaguely golden, chestnut or coppery shades but always in matching tones.


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An appointment at the hairdresser should also be considered in order to sort out the lengths, redistribute the volume and potentially for a drastic cut if hair is too damaged to repair, but soft styles and finishes are easy to create at home. In any case it's important that the hair is strong, the shaft is full bodied, especially if it is subjected to vigorous brushing or teasing. This is why we should use targeted and intensive products that hydrate the hair from root to tip, strengthening the protective layer without weighing it down.

In fall especially it is necessary to revitalize dull hair and restore its shine. This is why we must pay special attention to the use of normal cleansers - conditioner already helps to maintain the moisture level, but a good rejuvenating intensive mask applied once a week will ensure excellent results.

Here are a few simple home remedies for hair fall control that work effectively. 

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