Essential Tips to Choose Hair Colours According To Skin Tone

10 Expert Tips To Remember While Choosing Hair Colour For Different Skin Tones

If you don’t take your skin colour into consideration while colouring your hair, chances are you won’t get the desired effect. You must realize that what works for women in the west may not work for Indian skin tones.

Essential Tips to Choose Hair Colours According To Skin Tone

Not sure what hair colour will best complement your skin tone? Here’s a quick guide:


This is, by far, the best hair colour for brown skin. If you have a cool skin tone you should opt for mahogany and if you have a warm skin tone ash brown will look great.


If you have a yellow or olive skin tone then this is the right choice. This is an especially good hair colour for dark skin.


Owing to the fact that red has myriad shades, picking the right one can be a tad tricky. The best hair colour for fair skin is copper and a lighter shade of red; do not ever go orange. Similarly, reds that are blue-based will best suit olive skin tones. If you have reddish skin then you’d do best to stay away from this hue.


While a headful of blonde hair doesn’t really suit Indian skin, women can sport this hue in the form of streaks and highlights and in combination with brown hues.


Jet black hair may have been a coveted look for Indian women in the past but truth be told, it tends to look a bit like a wig. Dark brown is a far better option if dark coloured hair is something you desire.

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Highlighting or streaking your hair will make it look natural amidst the applied hair colour.

Here’s a quick guide on choosing hair colours as per the colour of your eyes:

Greenish or Bluish eyes

Light red, copper, golden brown and dark brownhair colours work perfectly with these.

Brown eyes

Red with a blue base as well as platinum and ash blonde streaks look spectacular on these.

Grey eyes

Blue-black, mahogany and aubergine really suit these.

Pro-Tip: Whichever colour you choose to go with, you need to take good care of your hair post colouring. Sometimes, it causes your hair to dry. Follow these 11 essential dry hair care tips to prevent hair from drying out. Also, ensure that you use a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Control Shampoo which will help protect your coloured hair from damaging.

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