Elegant Side Up Do

Elegant Side Up Do Hairstyle Tutorial

Create a hairstyle that works from Day to night.

Pallavi wanted to dig out Rochelle's secret of having perfect hair throughout a busy day. So she challenged Rochelle to create a hairstyle that works from Day to night. Roch is up for the challenge! Find out if she lives up to Pallavi’s expectations! 

Steps to an Elegant Side Updo

This side up do is a very cute hairstyle and it’s easy to manage at work and will look really stylish for a night out as well.

Step 1: To begin with take a small section from your partition and clip it.

Step 2: Take the remaining of your hair, all of it, together and tie it in a ponytail on the desired side.


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Step 3: Once your hair is in a nice, neat ponytail – take a section, twirl it till the end and pin it around your ponytail.

Step 4: Keep repeating this until all your hair is pinned up around the elastic band.

Step 5: Once that’s done, you can take the pin off the small section and pin your hair how you would like it.

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