6 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair Using Accessories & Headbands

Hippie headband or beautiful floral barrette, you can have it all!

Learn six easy hairstyles for long hair using accessories and headbands. 

Women with long hair can use these simple accessories to glam up their hairstyles.

  1. Headband - Wear a printed headband to add spunk to your hairstyle. The headband can be worn a little lower near the forehead, or on the forehead for a dramatic look.
  2. Hippie Headband – Wear a hippie, colourful headband by first, taking a chunk of hair from the crown and pinning it up. Then wearing the hippie headband on the forehead. Finally remove the pin and leave the hair open to get the perfect hippie look.
  3. Scarf - Take a rectangular scarf with less width but a larger length. Tie it up on the head and shift the knot near the nape of the neck. This completes a nice summery look for your hair.
  4. Twisty Hair Pin – You can twist a small strand of hair on the side and pin it up with the twisty hairpin.
  5. Barrette - The barrette is a classic when it comes to hairstyling. Pin up the barrette for an evening out.
  6. Bejeweled Headband - Wear a bejeweled headband near the hairline for a quirky hairstyle.

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