Do You Know What Your Hair Type Is?

Do You Know What Your Hair Type Is?

Knowing the personality and quirks of your hair goes a long way in deciding what style to go with and how to handle it more effectively.

As far as you know, hair is of basic three types – straight, wavy and curly. Right? Did you know that there’s more to it than the three basic hair types?

Understanding hair types helps you understand how to handle it, and what style to go with. Hair type is determined by factors such as hair texture, density, porosity (hair’s ability to retain moisture), elasticity, oiliness and curl pattern. Knowing your hair type can also help choose styling products to best achieve the style you want.

The best way to know your hair type is when is when your hair is at its most natural – washed, with no products, no chemicals and no colours either.

How to Know Your Hair Type

Type 1: Straight Hair


This type swings between beautiful and limp, bouncy and greasy: it is entirely dependent on how you treat it. Wash it daily or at least use a dry shampoo in between washes to keep it looking gorgeous.

Straight hair is further categorised as:

Hair Type 1A

Soft and very fine, this hair is prone to get oily, look limp and is very difficult to style. It doesn’t hurt to have a small bottle of dry shampoo handy. Also, avoid thick conditioners as they can weigh hair down.

Hair Type 1B

You have slightly thicker strands but still need to add volume. A dry texturizing spray on the roots can help.

Hair Type 1C

This hair is straight with a little curl, and is extremely prone to frizziness. Slather on a soothing serum before turning the blow dryer on it.

Type 2: Wavy Hair


Everyone wants the waviness but no one wants the rowdiness of these strands. Unless youuse the right products, wavy hair can still fall flat.

Wavy hair is further categorised as:

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Hair Type 2A

You can rock the gentle waves by air-drying them and applying the curling iron to any wayward strands.

Hair Type 2B

Mid-level waves are best finger-styled using a mousse and diffuser. After that, keep your hands off.

Hair Type 2C

Again, finger-styling and a moisturising product. A weekly deep-conditioning treatment will keep the hair soft and bouncy.

Type 3: Curly Hair


Curls are back. And with a bang. Lucky is the woman who has ringlets and spirals. Whatever you do, do no blow dry these wild curls.

Curly hair is further categorised as:

Hair Type 3A

You have bigger curls with a mix of waves thrown in. Apply a styling product to wet hair and scrunch your hair. You can do it with your fingers to push the hair up.

Hair Type 3B

Tighter curls that tend to cascade downwards instead of away from the head, these are best controlled with a light gel and leave-in conditioners.

Hair Type 3C

These thick and tight curls are most likely to get frizzy. Use a cleansing conditioner to tame the hair and keep it shiny and bouncy.

Also, check out what hairstyles will be perfect for your curly hair here.

Now that you’ve identified your hair type, look for products that will help accentuate the beauty of your type and make it a true crowning beauty. There are a very few brands that cater to every specific hair need! You can try Wella Professionals or Pantene to get the best products for every hair need.

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