Dazzle Everyone With These 3 Show-Stopping Diwali Hairstyles

3 Diwali Hairstyles That Will Dazzle Everyone

Diwali is when every woman wants to look her best. Combine these hairstyles with dazzling clothes and jewellery for the perfect Diwali look.

Diwali is a time for celebrations, with get-togethers and parties all day and all night. Dressing-up is fun, with you going through your wardrobe to pull out your most elegant silks and chiffons. And the jewellery – there’s something to be said about Diwali jewellery. Classy and dazzling, it complements your attire beautifully.

But what about your hairstyle? While your mind might be thinking of the many ways you can let your hair fly free, in slow motion perhaps, we would like to offer an alternate viewpoint.

Diwali is a time you are likely to come in close contact with fire in some way or the other – diyas, candles, firecrackers– and the risks are too great. Moreover, with the heavy clothes and bejewelled look, you might want to try out classic Diwali hairstyles that are minimalistic and keep hair in check.

Whether you’ve got short, medium or long hair, we have hairstyles for Diwali that will make heads turn wherever you go.

3 Classy Diwali Hairstyles You Must Try!

#1 Diwali hairstyle for short hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you are stuck with basically nothing. We have a traditional festive hairstyle, but with a difference.

Diwali Hairstyle 1
Presenting the traditional bun, with a simple twist. This cute hairstyle is very easy to pull off and will up the chic quotient of your Diwali getup.

Get the look:

  1. Comb all hair away from your face.
  2. Take sections and twist each into a coil. Fasten with hairpins to keep it in place.
  3. Add flowers and hair accessories to give it a festive look.

This hairstyle is perfect for short hair because it gives the illusion of length without actually needing it.

#2 Diwali hairstyle for medium length hair


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Diwali Hairstyle 2
Slightly longer hair, about shoulder-length, is more versatile and you can get more creative. If you want to leave your hair loose but not fully, how about a half-and-half?

Get the look:

  1. Comb out your hair so there are no knots or tangles.
  2. Gather the middle section and take it back from the forehead, securing it firmly.
  3. Let the rest of the hair hang free at shoulder level.
  4. Accessorise with a maangtika or flowers to get into the festive mood.

#3 Diwali hairstyle for long hair

Do you wish to sport a clean sleek look this Diwali? Our bets are on an elegant, side-parted bun.
Diwali Hairstyle 3

Get the look:

  1. Comb out all your hair to remove knots and tangles.
  2. Very carefully make a parting on one side of the hair.
  3. Pull the hair back and roll into a bun. Secure with hairpins.
  4. Use flowers and hair accessories to glam-up your look for Diwali.

Simple, sleek and elegant – these hairstyles will clearly attract glances and make you the showstopper of the party. 

Pro-Tip: Using a good conditioning shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo will ensure that your hair looks soft and silky all through the festivities.

Also, check out 2 different makeup looks for Diwali that will make you an instant star of any Diwali Party!

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All hair styles are unique .....and I will try 3rd one....I this this one will suit on my facecut.........

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All hair styles are unique .....and I will try 3rd one....I this this one will suit on my facecut.........

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