Curls To Kill For

10 Curly Hairstyles For Women

If you think your curls are a styling nightmare and opt for a flat iron to keep them in place, fret no more. Try out these gorgeous new styles that have been created for wavy to curly hair.

For women with curly or wavy hair, the grass is greener, umm, straighter on the other side of the fence. Managing the ‘mop’ can be quite a nightmare, and many women resort to flat-ironing to keep the tresses manageable. Or worse, just decide to cut it short.

But you are such a lucky woman. Others with straight hair go through so much trouble to get hair looking like yours, to style it like yours, to set it like yours. They would literally kill for your kind of hair.

Curls bounce, curls turn heads, curls trounce straight hair any day. There is so much that you can do with your locks provided you are willing to do something different.

There are actually countless curly hairstyles that can look absolutely amazing on moderately wavy to very curly hair. Here are our favourites:

Pixie cut

This short, low-maintenance hairstyle for curly hair has lots of texture and haphazard cuts. Just let this hair dry naturally and condition with a frizz-control product.


This new take on the 70s style isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need tight curls to be able to pull this off. Low-maintenance, all it needs is a leave-in conditioner.

Blended bangs

This style has very slight layering at the bottom and bangs that play with each other, up to mid-eyebrow. This is the perfect hairstyle for loose, wavy hair.


Lobs, or long bobs, work just as well with wavy hair as they do with straight strands. This style combines short layers at the nape and long, face-framing layers in the front. The short-long melange lets bouncy curls bounce, and the front layers can frame a round face.

Curly shag


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‘Controlled chaos’ as it is also known as, this style is made for tight curls. Seemingly-random slashes with a razor create this shaggy look.

Long, wavy / curly layers

This style has a lot of length and layers. Soft wavy hair comes to life with this cut. Chin-length hair keeps the curls in control.

Long curls

A long, layered cut at the back, with short, sharp layers along the jawline bring to life what would ordinarily be just long curls. Dry naturally, but use a frizz-control product if needed.

Tight curls and steep layers

Wavy, curly, loose curls, tight curls – if you have any of these, this is the style for you. Long and wispy layers frame the face, while curls on top keep the bounce in the look. Hydrate the hair if it seems too dry.

Long, loose waves / curls

Smooth and bouncy, this cut has straighter hair closer to the roots and gets more textured towards the end. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep the style in place effortlessly.

Half up, half down

Scoop up those curls and pile them up loosely. Use pins, combs and clasps to hold them in place. Pull out lots of strands to create the casual look. The highlight, this is a low-maintenance style that opens up your face.

Retro look

Simple and classy, this return to 40s evokes scenes from a classic Hollywood movie. Soft, wavy, sexy, this look oozes charm. 

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