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5 Commands To Get The Perfect Hair

In winter our hair suffers more aggression than we realize and tends to become drier. To have a healthy hair that is full of life, learn the five commands that the Reward Me team tries to follow to the letter!

Command 1: Wash your hair with the right products

Use products that are suitable for your hair. If you have dry hair, for example, buy a shampoo and conditioner to combat this problem. Remember that using conditioner is key to good hydration and hair protection. In addition to softening, it gives you extra protection.

Tip: do not abuse the number of washes. Remember washing your hair every day can make it drier and weaker. Only if you are in constant physical exertion or in polluted environments should you wash it daily. The Ideal is to wash it every other day.

Command 2: Moisturize your hair often

Do not wait longer and schedule the application of a hair mask into your agenda! This treatment should be done weekly in order to nourish your hair and make it stronger, from root to tip.

Choose a mask that meets the needs of your type of hair. If it is dry, opt for a mask containing honey, essential to regenerate damaged hair. Check 4 natural DIY hair masks that can nourish and help reverse the damage done to hair by pollution.

Tip: If you have dyed hair, protect it with the range of products Pantene Pro-V Color Protect & Smooth (protection of color and softness) and Protect Color & Light (ultra-lightweight color protection and ultra-light nutrition).

Command 3: Keep the "safety distance" when drying

Even if you are exceedingly careful with your hair, you will only be able to nourish it if you avoid getting too close to the hair dryer, a mistake that all of us make. The ideal is to keep the dryer at 30 cm distance and not set it to its maximum temperature, opting instead for moderately hot.

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Of course, many of us spend our lives (literally) stretching our hair and cannot stop doing it. If that is so in your case, apply a specific protective cream against the heat of the dryer, which will serve as a barrier to this hostility.

Tip: Apply olive oil or sweet almond oil on the tips, so as to protect them from the excessive amount of heat coming from the drying.

Command 4: Cut your hair every 3 months

Yes, you really have to do it. If you want your hair to always be full of movement, you need to cut off the split ends. We are not suggesting that you cut the length of three fingers, no way. If you want to keep it the same length, just request the tips be cut. The results are amazing!

Command 5: Use special treatments

keratin treatments are known worldwide for their regenerating effects. The hair becomes stronger, silkier and more hydrated. This type of treatment can be done in hair salons or at home, by applying ampules.

Our advice is to do it at a specialized site to see if you respond well to the treatment and thus confirm the results.

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