Another one bites the dust: The new age hair story

Another one bites the dust: The new age hair story

Ever since Rapunzel laid down her golden hair for prince charming till the red-carpet beauties flaunting their perfect up do, a silky and shiny mane has been every girl’s dream.

Remember sitting through those never-ending hair sessions by dear grandma? You didn’t mind having your hair tied in a funny plait or a bun all through school, as it guaranteed zero damage to your hair. At 18, along with adulthood came the reality check that you are always racing against time. All of us have had days where all you can do is swoon over those ‘Good Hair day’ Instagram stories, whereas for you even having your drain clear of tufts of hair after a shower is worth a story. The hectic hustle and bustle has caused many hair problems, the biggest being hair fall. There is more than one reason to the problem such as:

1.       Under the weather –

No matter how much time you have spent taming them, as soon as you reach office, they are like you haven’t combed them for days. Yes, that is the humidity playing havoc with your already too – messy – to – be – sassy hair. So much so that your hair follicles too can’t deal with it and fall. The harsh winter being no respite. The cold breeze and the dry weather that weakens the root further and is a major reason for hair fall


  1. 2.       The fault in our lifestyle –

Your brush full of unhealthy hair is testimony to our hectic everyday lives. As soon as you step out, the pollution worsens the situation by emitting all sorts of toxic gases onto your hair, in turn damaging it. Stress also effects your health in a major way. It makes hair dry and brittle, causing breakage and further hair fall.

3.       Un - healthy, guilty and un - wise –
We are also guilty of faulty diets. On – the – move comfort food proves to be very uncomfortable for your hair. The lack of essential vitamins and minerals, strips hair of the required nourishment. Bad health also triggers hormonal imbalance which also adds up to the major reasons for hair fall. 

4.       Not – so - happening fads –
Blow drying and other chemical-based treatments are physical torture for your hair. The quick ‘pull and tie’ hairstyle or the messy bun that you find solace in every morning also ‘stresses your tresses’, causing them to weaken from the roots and fall.



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While you can’t go back to the good old traditional days of oiling, you can surely rely on the Pantene Oil Replacement range for your hair’s oil nourishment. As for hair fall, some reasons are beyond your control but what’s within your reach is the goodness of oils and nourishment through the Pro-vitamins formula with Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner which leads to lesser hairfall in just 14 days! Need we say more? 

Here is hoping for ‘Happy Hair Days’!                                    


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