Bollywood Headpiece Look

Easy To Make Bollywood Headpiece Hairstyle

Create a hairstyle out this beautiful chandelier headpiece.

After Rochelle’s shout out in the last episode we got tons of reverts from our viewers and from that we picked one surprise for Archana. Create a hairstyle out this beautiful chandelier headpiece. Unlike Rochelle, Archana is a Deepika Padukone fan - Her Royal headpiece look is Archana’s inspiration for the day. Watch the video to find out how Archana pulls it off!

Bollywood Headpiece Look:

This is a really versatile hairstyle because it works for both, straight and curly hair.

Step 1: Take a big, box section in the front with the help of your comb.

Step 2: Now take smaller sections within this box section and thoroughly back comb it.

Step 3: Finally, in the last section neaten your hair out and then take a slight center parting and then try to push all of this back together.


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Step 4: Make sure you that have that nice puff and with the help of a bobby pin secure it at the back. Use two if you have to, to make sure that it doesn’t come out.

Step 5: Take your headpiece, make sure that you place it right, let it naturally fall and take the shape of your head and just to make sure that your headpiece does not fall off, another bobby pin and secure it.

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