9 Steps to Colouring Your Hair like a Proat Home

9 Steps to Colouring Your Hair like a Pro at Home

Whether it’s to hide peeping greys or because you like to experiment with different shades, colouring hair at a salon can become quite expensive. And if you are particular about maintaining the look, it could mean more frequent trips to the salon that burn into your monthly budget. Is it possible to colour at home?

The market is filled with countless hair colours and hues, designed to suit many skin tones and complexions. Whether you choose to colour your hair to hide annoying greys or simply because you love to experiment with different hair colour ideas, you need to head to the salon every time.

And if you’re one of those who like to always look proper, it means more trips to the salon, burning a sizeable hole into your monthly budget, month on month.

Have you ever thought of colouring your hair yourself? Yes, it’s not that difficult once you know how to colour hair at home.

Just follow these steps, starting with choosing the right hair colour for Indian skin, going on to learning how to clean up properly afterwards, and you will learn how to colour hair effortlessly, while also saving a lot of money.

1. Don’t go extreme

Yourat-home colourshould be the same shade that you have on currently. As easy as it might look, lightening or darkening hair might not give you the result you expected, ruining your hair and being a complete waste of time.

2. Choose your colour carefully

Go through all the available shades before making your selection. You choice should keep your skin tone in mind.If this is your first time and you’re unsure, try a temporary colour.

3. Getting your hair ready

Don’t wash your hair on the day of colouring. Slightly dirty hair takes colour better because of the natural oils. Comb your hair in the usual way. This way the top layer will be coloured perfectly.

4.Get ready

Make sure all your tools are in one place so you don’t run around mid-way looking for things. You will need: hair colour of a good brand, plastic gloves, petroleum jelly (to put along the hairline to prevent skin staining), a comb, hairdresser clips, dye brush, timer, conditioner, an old button-down shirt (to wear), a towel (to cover your shoulders) and paper towels (to wipe bathroom counters clean of any spills).


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5. Do a test

Like any new cosmetic, test a small strand of hair (somewhere not visible). Apply the colour, wait the prescribed amount of time and rinse off in cold water. This will tell you how the colour looks and whether you like it.

6. The actual application

If it’s just a root touch-up you can directly apply colour there. If it’s a global colour, begin at the topmost layer. Comb your hair in your usual style. Bring the brush as close to the roots as possible and then drag it along the complete length. Make sure your hair is flat on your head. Finish the first layer, then use hairdresser clips to separate the next layer and repeat the steps. Continue till your full head is coloured.

Only now set the timer. This way the last layer also gets the complete time.

7. Raise the temperature

Adding heat can help better colour penetration. Simply plug in your hairdryer and warm up the colour in the last 5-10 minutes.

8. Washing and conditioning

Wash your hair without shampoo. Don’t just bend over the sink but have a proper shower to make sure all the colour is rinsed out. Wash with a good conditioner (sometimes the colour box has one) meant for coloured hair.

9. Dry, comb and examine

Dry and style your hair as usual. Stand by a window during natural light and check the result.

Enjoy your new hair colour.

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