7 Hair Care Tips To Ensure Your Tresses Don’t Just Survive But Thrive This Monsoon.

7 Hair Care Tips To Ensure Your Tresses Don’t Just Survive But Thrive This Monsoon

The humidity in the air during monsoon increases the chances of dandruff and other hair problems. But don’t worry, the problem only sounds scary and can easily be banished with some simple hair care at home!

Monsoon is a beautiful time of year. Nature transforms into a collage of greens and hot chocolate, coffee and tea taste better than ever before.

However, as wonderful as the monsoon season is, it does considerable harm to your hair. But don’t fret; you can keep your hair healthy this wet season with a few simple hair care tips.


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7 Important Monsoon Hair Care Tips

  1. In the monsoon, humidity is at an all-time high. This makes your scalp wet, thereby, making it a breeding ground for many problems. Make sure you keep your scalp dry; umbrellas or caps do the trick.
  2. Have hair baths 2-3 times every week using a mild shampoo for the duration of the wet season. It will keep your scalp clean and keep fungal infections at bay.
  3. Sometimes getting wet in the rain is completely unavoidable. Important thing is, do not tie it when it is wet as damp hair is a hotbed for bacteria.
  4. If you’ve got tangled or frizzy hair, use conditioner. This could be from the same company as your shampoo or you can use natural conditioners like egg yolk and curd.
  5. This one is sound advice irrespective of the season. But more so during the monsoon spell, drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated.
  6. Avoid procedures like hair straightening and hair curling. This weakens the roots of your hair. If you do want to change your look, go with a short crop instead; it minimizes breakage.
  7. Apply oil before bathing and eat plenty of vitamin E rich food like nuts, spinach and tofu, among others.

Follow these 7 tips and even a fierce monsoon spell won’t be able to hurt your tresses. Now, you can actually enjoy the rains to the fullest!

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