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7 Great Post-Party Hair Detox Tips

Revive your post-party hair

Hairstyling binges throughout the party season … oh boy, does the trauma of washing, drying, back-combing, curling, straightening and spraying tire out our tresses. Do your once-lovely locks now feel dry, damaged, limp and lifeless? It’s time for a detox! With more secrets, suggestions, tips and tricks than you can shake your curling wand at, back away from the styling tools and start transforming your tresses with these seven post-party hair detox tips.

Step 1: Boost moisture and shine

Dry, lack-lustre locks, meet your match: The Smooth & Silky range from Head & Shoulders. For a quick fix of moisture and shine, this range really packs a punch. Indeed, the Smooth & Silky shampoo provides the perfect pick-me-up for post-party hair, as the rich formula takes care of damaged locks to leave your mane silky smooth and your scalp up to 100% dandruff free with regular use. For best results, follow with the Smooth & Silky conditioner, which helps to lock in moisture, tame frizz and banish split ends. One word: wow.

Step 2: Trim off the tips

Split ends – nobody likes these bad guys, but unfortunately they’re a fact of life. Limit your risk of frayed ends by steering clear of highlights, hair colour and heat-styling as much as possible, as these all cause trauma to your hair. If pre-party styling has led your locks to become a haven for split ends, it’s time for a trim and – sorry, ladies – “I’m growing locks to rival Rapunzel” is no excuse. "If you wait more than five weeks between trims, you'll get bigger split ends and wind up having to cut off more in the long run," says hair stylist to the stars, Laurent D.


Trim Hair Tips

Step 3: Remove product build-up

You spritzed and sprayed your way to party-perfect hair, but those same beauty products have left your locks feeling dry and heavy the day after. To restore your hair’s natural shine and movement, you need to remove the product build-up. Celebrity hair colourist Kyle White offers a cheap, easy and natural solution to this common problem: “Try doing an apple cider vinegar rinse to remove product buildup [and] impurities […]. You should follow this with a deep conditioning treatment to restore any lost moisture”, says White. We do love a good at-home beauty tip! Ready for one more? White also suggests removing product build-up with aspirin, saying: "Crush an aspirin and mix it with your shampoo. The salicylic acid in the aspirin is what makes this trick so effective. Again, always follow any clarifying treatment with a deep conditioner to replace lost moisture." Ta-dah – fresh hair, welcome back! 

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Step 4: Erase bad smells

As unpleasant as this is, cigarettes, alcohol and sweat (ew!) from the night before seem to manifest themselves in our mane leaving us smelling stale when we wake up in the morning. Freshen up your hair with a scented shampoo for locks that look and smell fresh. The Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh hair-care range allows you to indulge in the revitalising aroma of green apple as the dual-action formula cleans and cares for your scalp – so refreshing! The products in Head & Shoulders’ revitalising Fresh Apple range provide heaps of conditioning action for the ultimate moisture boost and up to 100% less dandruff when used regularly. So, for a smell that will swap the “eww”s for “oooh”s, the Fresh Apple range is your saviour!

Step 5: Eat your way to healthier hair

“The foundation of all of our new hair, skin and nail growth is the nutrients we eat,” says dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner. Indeed, you can eat your way to healthier hair by choosing your meals and snacks wisely. Protein promotes faster hair-growth while vitamins A and E boost hair’s natural shine, so think about what you want to achieve and then chose the right nutrients. There are plenty of foods out there to add a little ‘oomph’ to your hair’s shine and growth rate, such as Omega- 3 fatty acids and zinc; these nutrients can be found in walnuts and Brazil nuts, so go nuts (literally) and improve your hair’s chance of growing longer, shinier and healthier.

Step 6: A deep-conditioning treatment

As well as using the right shampoos and conditioners to replenish your hair’s moisture, adding a deep-conditioning treatment into your post-party pampering session adds extra nourishment when your hair’s in need of a detox. Once you’ve applied your deep-conditioning treatment, comb through with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles without tugging and causing further damage; it’s much easier to comb your hair when it’s covered in conditioner. Your hair will be left feeling soft and smooth.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Step 7: Ditch the dry scalp

Washing, drying and styling our hair throughout the party season can take its toll on our scalp as much as it can on our tresses. Dry scalp sometimes causes hair fall. Check out 15 more reasons for hair fall and home remedies for it. Head & Shoulders’ Dry Scalp Care range to the rescue! The products in the Dry Scalp Care range are packed with nourishing conditioners, which lock moisture in and flakes out. The result? With regular use, you’ll notice up to 50% less frizz, up to 100% less dandruff and hair that’s deeply cleansed and beautifully soft. No more itchy scalp? Yes please!

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