7 Amazing Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins.

Bobby Pins To The Rescue! 7 Hairstyles Using Just Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are so much more than tools to secure your hair in place. There are so many hairstyles that cannot be made at all without using them.

The main thing to keep in mind when using bobby pins is that the wavy side of your hair facing your scalp is where they must be used. Here are 7 bobby pin hairstyles that look fab!

Use Bobby Pins To Make These 7 Wonderful Hairstyles

1. Half Up

  1. Tease your tresses at your crown
  2. Comb it out gently
  3. Make a half-up hairstyle by gently pulling your hair back
  4. Twist your hair to the right twice
  5. Secure with bobby pins

2. Braided Half Up

  1. On both sides of your head, make 2-medium braids
  2. Make your braids meet when you pull them to the back
  3. Use 4 bobby pins, criss-crossed
  4. Use 3 more bobby pins horizontally above your braids bang in the centre of your head

3. Messy Bun

  1. Bunch your hair at the crown
  2. Make a messy ponytail
  3. Wrap the pony around itself to create a bun
  4. Secure loosely with transparent elastic
  5. Secure the bun by using 3 sets of 2 bobby pins around it

4. Zigzag

  1. Insert 2 bobby pins diagonally, just above your left ear
  2. Add 2 bobby pins above and below to complete the zigzag

5. Side Swept

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  1. Pulling a big chunk of your hair to any one side of your face
  2. Use 2 bobby pins (point away from face)to secure
  3. Fold over this section of hairand use 2 more bobby pins (point toward face) to hold the fold
  4. Pull the front section of your pulled hair and fold it over
  5. Use 2 bobby pins (point away from face) to secure
  6. Repeat earlier steps
  7. Keep folding parts of your hair and using bobby pins to secure

6. Covered Ponytail

  1. Separate all your hair into 3 sections
  2. Let the largest section be in the middle
  3. The 2 sections on either side of the middle should be small and equal
  4. Make a low ponytail using the middle section
  5. Secure it with a transparent elastic
  6. Wrap your ponytail using one section from any one side
  7. Use bobby pins to secure
  8. Repeat the above 2 steps for the other side
  9. Use 4 fanned out bobby pins on both the sides

Also, check out this step by step photo tutorial on how to make chinese staircase braid hairstyle here.

7. Rosette

  1. Take a smallish hair section that’s right above your ear
  2. Form a spiral by gently twisting hair around itself
  3. Make sure you keep the created rosette flat on your scalp
  4. Use two bobby pins in a criss-crossed manner to secure

Aren’t these the simplest hairstyles using bobby pins you’ve seen around?

PRO TIP: You can finish these hairstyles and keep flyaway at bay with the help of hairspray. If that is not possible, always ensure that you are shampooing your hair with a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo for great, soft and manageable hair.

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