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Steal The Show With These 5 Simple DIY Hairstyles

Steal the show – at work and on a night out – with these five do-it-yourself hair styles.

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Low Ponytail with Volume

Ponytail with volume

This low ponytail with its high crown and gentle romantic waves is not only office-proof, but also ideal for partying.

How? Comb all your hair, except the front-side part of your hair, carefully and slowly back (only the base of the roots). Once every part has been combed back, apply some hairspray to set the hair. To remove the volume after the party, just comb your locks using a conditioner and a comb with wide teeth.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and apply a volumizing foam to blow-dry your hair with a round hairbrush.

Sleek Retro Look

Sleek retro look

This hair style with its inspiration from the fifties helps keep your hair out of your eyes - allowing you clear vision for your laptop as well as complementing your new cocktail dress.

How? Skip the hair straightener and just use the hair drier for more volume and texture. This will give you a gentle and straight look with plenty of movement. Start at your front hairline (7/8 cm), only take the upper ends of your hair and pull it tight towards your crown, use bobby pins to fix it in place.

Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair against the heat of the styling tool and apply a split-end repairing cream to repair the split-ends and to protect your hair from any damage.

Chic side ponytail

Chic side ponytail

A side ponytail can easily come accross as too childlike. This won't happen, however, if you set the ponytail below your ear, where it will naturally fall across your shoulder.

How? Begin with the natural wave of your hair to minimize an afro-textured hair effect. Wrap your hair around a thin curling iron, starting from the center parting to the ends. Before you make a ponytail, brush your crown and front hair in the direction you desire. Carefully add height by backcombing the back crown. Set the hair in place using a hair tie. Brush your ponytail and use a mild gel down the sides to set it firmly in place and to contain the loose strands.

Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner to protect your locks from damage. At the same time, you will keep wavy hair in check and add a silky-soft finish.

Refined fringe

Refined fringe

This basic fringe gets an added touch thanks to the way your locks fall from your head closely passing your eyes. The rest of your hair needs little maintenance. Combine this fringe with gentle loose waves for evening times, or have a casual, messy look for during the day.

How? Dry your fringe straight down using a round brush. To create extra softness, just pull the ends of the fringe through the hair straightener. Comb your hair with your fingers towards the side and apply some hairspray to keep it in place.

Use a mild anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. This will keep afro-textured hair in check, giving you a silkysoft look.

Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves

A glamorous hair style is always a hit, especially if you give your locks a striking color.

How? Apply mousse to damp hair then dry your locks straight with a broad flat hairbrush. Use medium curlers to curl the back and sides of your hair downwards. For the front, use thinner curlers and curl it towards the back. To create a flowing wave just brush your hair towards the back and softening it with your hand. Use a heat protectant shine spray.

Use a natural dye that will completely hide any gray hairs. Apply a color refresher after two weeks to give your hair an extra boost.

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