5 Ways to Straighten Your Tresses Without Hurting Them.

5 Ways to Straighten Your Tresses Without Hurting Them.

Not only is artificial hair straightening using heat and chemicals expensive, but it is also harmful for your hair. We show you how to do it the natural way which will protect both your hair and your purse.

If you’re one of those who know the damage a hair straightener can do to your hair, then look no further. These 5 home remedies should help you achieve poker straight hair without inflicting any harm on your precious tresses:

Brush When Wet

This is one of those simple tricks that is right under your nose, but you never see. Wash your hair and keep brushing it every 5 minutes while letting it air dry completely. What works even better is if you pull out and hold each section of hair for just a few seconds; you’ll find that it straightens out even better and more evenly.

Wrap When Wet

Wash your hair and divide right down the centre with a comb. Now comes the tricky part; carefully layer the right portion with the left portion over it and comb. Once you’ve done that, simply wrap the combed over hair around the back of your head and use bobby pins to secure it in place. After a while, do the same thing with the other side, i.e. comb the left portion over the right part. Let your hair air dry completely and enjoy your straight look.

Hair Rollers


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Hair rollers straighten your hair naturally without hurting it. And it’s very simple to do too. Tightly roll sections of your wet hair on fairly large rollers and secure them. Now comes the most important part of the process; let your hair dry completely else any slight moisture will cause it to curl up again.

Hair Buns

If you hair isn’t very curly or wildly wavy then this technique will straighten your hair very well. All you have to do is twist your wet hair into a ponytail post a hair wash and then wrap it around itself to make a bun. Now, allow your hair to air dry and show off your new straight hair!

Natural Straightening Mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with one cup of milk and apply it to your scalp. To allow it to seep in and straighten your locks, let it sit for an hour or so before you wash it off.

The bottom line is, straightening your hair doesn’t always have to be harsh on it. Remember, with hair and everything else, there’s a better alternative available for those who are willing to look for it and give it a go.

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