5 Tips to a 2015 Head Turning Hairstyle

Top 5 Head Turning Hairstyles For 2015

What does your hairstyle say about you? Are you hot ‘n’ happening or casual chic? Why not make 2015 be the year to try something new!

Long, short, curly, wavy, casual, formal, funky – the possibilities are overwhelming.  There are so many exciting styles happening in the world of hair, now’s the time to go all out!  A new style totally changes the way you look.  What a great reason to reinvent oneself! 

While fashion magazines offer tips on the latest hairstyles, it’s best to consult your hairstylist.  These essential tips will also help you find what suits you.

  1. The shape of your face:  Apart from choosing the latest hairstyle, the secret to looking great is to find one that suits the shape of your face.  The idea is to highlight your best features and downplay the ones that aren’t.  Is your face oval, round, square or a heart shaped?  Some of us may not be an exact match.  A good stylist is crucial in making a difference.
  2. Hair texture:  You know what kind of hair you have? Dry, fine, limp, oily, really curly?  If you have fine hair, getting a short cut will make it look fuller.   If you have curly or coarse hair, long hair will weigh it down.
  3. Length:  Seems like shoulder length hair looks good on almost anyone.  Even if the latest hairstyle is long hair, it can just make a longish face look more… longish.   Similarly, short hair makes a round faces look fuller.  Always take your height and figure into consideration when choosing a haircut. Also, check out bridal hairstyles that women with short hair can carry off with elan.
  4. Maintenance:  This is an important feature to consider when getting a haircut.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to fuss around, the latest hairstyle may not be appropriate.  A good haircut should last around 3 months without looking too shabby.
  5. Hair colour:  Want to experiment?  Great – but colours can be tricky.  They also make bold statements about your personality.  If you don’t like it out and loud, stick with warm colours like deep red or dark brown.  Get a few highlights.  The good thing with colour is that you can let it wash out if you don’t like the way it looks.  Get this done at a good salon to avoid hair damage.

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And some more tips!

  • If you are really petite, then long hair makes you look really young.  Long hair (below the shoulders) looks great on women with square or oval faces.
  • If you are really tall, a really short haircut could make you look very boyish.  It is a matter of personal choice. 
  • Women with round faces can work around this feature by having chin length hair – there are quite a few flattering haircuts to choose from.
  • Bangs add interest to a haircut.  They not only make you look younger but draw attention to the eyes.  These can be long or short depending on the shape of your face.

The good thing with hair is that you can always grow it out if you don’t like it.

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